Tuesday, May 03, 2016

There will always be times of conflict in relationships. They are opportunities when we can become more acutely aware of God's grace, how it can transform us, and by the Holy Spirit inform us on how to act in Christian love. We naturally take the low road. We fear, we speculate, we ruminate on the failings of others. We exaggerate our fears and their power over us, as if Christ dwelling in us is powerless to save us. We justify our faithlessness by exaggerating just how powerful evil is. We lose a sense of the reality of Christian living. It's a tailspin. But it doesn't have to be. Live in Him, in the transforming power of him. Root your confidence in faith and live in the knowledge of His love for you and for others.

I appreciate the post from Shepherd Press today. It gives some sound practical advice on how to communicate gracefully.
Once again, someone in your life has offended you. Your frustration boils over. How many more times will you have to put up with being offended? So, you take matters into your own hands and let the offender know how you feel.
You tell him just how annoyed and offended you are. You don’t care if he is your brother or your coworker, enough is enough. Afterwards, you think you feel vindicated, you think you feel better, you think you have stood up for your rights. But something is not right. You still feel edgy and angry.
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