Thursday, May 05, 2016

May is #LymeAwareness‬ month. How easy is it to contract Lyme?

I get asked a lot of questions about Lyme disease but interestingly enough some of the first questions receive revolve around the national discussion on how prevalent Lyme is. There is conflicting information out there. Often they ask me where I was when I got it.‪

Myth 1: Lyme is only in certain areas. It was either Washington State or possibly Alaska.

Myth 2: Even more frequently I am asked if I was bitten by a tick. The belief that Lyme is only transferred by a tick bite is not true. I was not bitten by a tick. It was likely a mosquito.

Myth 3‬: Did you have the bull's eye rash? It's believed that unless you have the rash, you don't have Lyme. Yes. I had a small bulls eye rash. No, you don't have to present a rash to have Lyme disease.

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