Monday, September 09, 2013


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Deborah said...

The Olando story is powerful.

How to impact? I've given and
volunteered. Most people have.

Is sidewalk best?

Looking at laws: I see personhood laws misused in courts.

I believe the best laws attack abortion profits. Such as requiring hospital back-up for abortionists.

This allows a community to mandate right and wrong, and yet does not
criminalized the mother.

She is wrong, but I don't see God putting that specific punishment in civil sphere. He does specifically
mention killing of unborn in other
situations that are charged to the
civil authorities.

Sadly, requiring Dr. back-up has effectively closed birthing centers to midwives in Mississippi for 30 years. It does work. Even when

I think the street witness that the people inside are "cold" is so strong. Why do people suspect pro-
lifers who help for free, but not abortionists who charge?