Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Snippet from a Letter to a Friend.

 For the weary and the sick,

I am praying for you. I know it's difficult to be still and I know you know this, that there is great joy having no distractions between ourselves and our great Saviour. There is precious insight in the much afforded quiet time and as much as pills, and herbs, and various other remedies bring relief, it is true that there is an equal amount of relief in walking through sanctification, delighting to do the smallest thing He asks us in faith, and becoming so acquainted with Him, it seems hard to have to part and bring the mind back to the cares of this world. Whatever work He has for us, sitting at His feet or using what strength He gives us for the advancement of His kingdom here, we ought to say, we are willing. Knowing that the world is entirely His and providentially ordained to bow at His feet, with or without our help, is a great comfort.

I love you,
Resting in the Saviour,

Monday, August 12, 2013

How to Avoid being a Doormat

From Andrew Murray's "Waiting on God",

How close the connection between the two parts of the injunction, "Wait on the Lord," - that has to do with worship and disposition; "and keep His ways," - that deals with walk and work. The outer life must be in harmony with the inner; the inner must be the inspiration and the strength for the outer. It is our God who has made known His ways in His Word for our conduct, and invites our confidence for His grace and help in our heart. If we do not keep His ways, our waiting on Him can bring no blessing. The surrender to full obedience to all His will is the secret of full access to all the blessings of His fellowship. Notice how strongly this comes out in the psalm. It speaks of the evildoer who prospereth in his way, and calls on the believer not to fret himself. When we see men around us prosperous and happy while they forsake God's ways, and ourselves left in difficulty or suffering, we are in danger of first fretting at what appears so strange, and then gradually yielding to seek our prosperity in their path. The psalm says, "Fret not thyself; trust in the Lord, and do good. Rest in the Lord, and wait patiently for Him; cease from anger, and forsake wrath. Depart from evil, and do good; the Lord forsaketh not His saints. The righteous shall inherit the land. The law of his God is in his heart; none of his steps shall slide." "And then follows - the word occurs for the third time in the psalm - "Wait on the Lord, and keep His way." Do what God asks you to do; God will do more than you can ask Him to do.

(Kindle Locations 372-382).

Saturday, August 03, 2013

Quilting with Christa Smith, Owner of Cotton Berry Quilts

Professional Quilter and owner of Cotton Berry Quilts Christa Smith, took time away from her busy shop to show me the secrets to creating her perfectly designed and constructed quilts, something I have always wanted to know and do well. Now that I am nearly finished with one basic project, a baby quilt, I can see why what she has to offer is becoming increasingly popular. I can honestly say she's not charging enough now that I have seen her work and why it's so perfect compared to what is out there. You might consider snagging one of her quilts before prices go up.

I am absolutely amazed at the results of what she's taught me. There's no way I could have produced such straight seams, perfect corners, a square quilt top, once assembled, and tight neat boarders without all the secrets within her work flow.

Now, I have quilted before, but Christa knows quilting inside and out, she's no hobbyist, she's an artisan preserving the principles and detailed attention of professional craftsmanship. What she's taught me in these brief few hours I never discovered researching my quilt books, tutorials and such.

Years ago when started learning the craft, quilting was one of those things that I didn't intend to do unless I could do it excellently. (Unlike grammar, punctuation and doing my hair on most days) Hours of researching out the best tools, fabrics, and machine I set out to design a complicated quilt that was, well, far beyond my skill level, though in theory I am sure it was amazing. Inevitably I never finished it because honestly, I didn't know what Christa knows and it showed.

I didn't have to wonder, fret or spend any time deciding which fabrics to choose because we started out with one of her new pre-cut , pre-designed 5"x5" charm packs called, "Scrumptious" from Moda fabrics, a design by Bonnie & Camille. I spread them out too see what it had to offer and the variety was delightful, not a single block disappointed me. We added 7 more blocks from another design that matched really well so that I would have a total of 49 blocks which makes for a nice sized baby quilt.

And this is where the designer in me gets really excited. Layout, rearrange, until there's no competition between design weights, colors, and contrast. Ah, harmony. Not hard to achieve when using a collection that was meant to perfectly compliment each other. Just a note, my photos don't do justice to the beautiful colors in the design pack. Christa's shop maintains color accuracy if you want to see what each block will really look like in the completed project.

Here's one of her secrets, look at that foot. Pfaff makes a 1/4" quilting foot that produces perfect seams, no guess work, and no troublesome stretching, realigning, or the drudgery of seam ripping. 

Construction went by so fast, I was ready to start another before I was done. And how rewarding to have the fruits of my labor be worth the investment. Quilting with Christa was so easy, stress free and a real joy, knowing I could achieve a professional level of craftsmanship. And here we have it, one quilt nearly ready to snuggle a brand new baby.

Visit her shop to see some of the other masterful pieces she has to offer, and be sure to follow her on pintrest. Also, later on, I'll post the results of Christa's long arm quilting technique on this darling little charmer. Until then!

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Friday, August 02, 2013

Dream Big (But Be Faithful in Little)

By Candice Waters
Where are you in the process of achieving your dreams? It would be nice if we could know in the moment that this painful rejection, that embarrassing failure, this boring and tedious assignment, that overlooked accomplishment, are all part of God's grand plan. But we can't. At the time those things happen, it doesn't feel at all like preparation for something big. It just feels awful. What we can do is follow the modeling of Joseph: keep dreaming and be faithful in little.
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