Wednesday, January 30, 2013

If A Girl Really Is A Treasure...

From Anna Sofia and Elizabeth Botkin's "It's Not That Complicated"
For too many single women, Valentine’s Day is a time to feel unwanted, unnoticed, unappreciated – invisible. But as our brother Ben says, “If a girl really is a treasure, she will have fruit in her life that the righteous will be tuned in to see.”
If we’re tempted to despair that people can’t see us, that they don’t know we’re available, that no one will ever know we’re there, we need to remember this: People who are shining with Christ’s light are never invisible. However, there is a difference between shining as a light in the darkness, and shining as a neon sign in the marketplace. When your “light shine[s] before others,” says Matthew 5:16, they will “see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.” And He is the One we really want people to be noticing and pursuing, right? 
(Excerpted from Chapter Twelve: What a Man Needs at His Side)
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Julianne Drews said...

Thanks for sharing! My favorite line in the excerpt you shared is,"And He is the One we really want people to be noticing and pursuing, right?" That's a reminder I need every morning when I get out of bed! And it goes further than just wanting guys to notice us. In the workforce, church, etc. we can desire attention from everyone. We like when people tell us we're a good worker, a good Christian, etc. But who we should realy give credit to is God! Thanks! Keep posting!