Saturday, December 29, 2012

Competing Voices

I haven't read this book entirely. Just now I picked it up and read a small section near middle and appreciate what Charles Spurgeon has to say. Enjoy.

Competing Voices

Another motive for abundantly uttering the praises of God is that other voices are clamorous to drown it. What a noisy world this is with its conflicting, discordant cries. "Here," cries on. "Look there," shouts another. This uproar would drown the notes of God's praise unless His people uttered them again and yet again. The more there is said against our God, the more we should speak for Him.

Whenever you hear a man curse, it would be wise to say aloud, 'Bless the Lord." Say it seven times for every time he curses, and make him hear it. Perhaps he will want to know what you are doing, which will then give you an opportunity of asking what he is doing. He will have more difficulty in explaining himself than you will in explaining yourself. Do try if you can to make up for the injuries done to the dear and sacred name of God by multiplying your praises in proportion as you hear Him spoken ill of, I say, unless you give forth abundant utterance, God's praise will be buried under heaps of Blasphemy, ribaldry, nonsense, error, and idle talk. Abundantly utter it so that some of it, at least, may be heard.

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