Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Pick A Sin & Repent: Weigh Your Words

Pick a sin to repent of. On your own. Use the Word. Be His workmanship.

From The Institutes of Biblical Law. R. J. Rushdoony, pg. 593

A principle which applies to the tongues of unwed young ladies as well. Slander is too commonplace.

"A husband can defame his wife not only by speech but by distrust. If he refuses to allow her those duties and privileges which she is competent to administer, he has defamed her. To cite an example: a husband regularly belittled his wife's financial competence and often cited as a joke a foolish checkbook error she had made. The error was real enough, but it was not a true report of her character. Her little gift shop had twice saved him from serious trouble in his own business; on one occasion, he had over-expanded too rapidly when business was very good and then faced bankruptcy; her nest egg, derived from her shop, saved him, but it was never repaid nor publicly acknowledged. On another occasion, bad investments hurt him financially, and her funds provided a needed payment on his building. This husband regularly slandered his more capable wife without ever formally telling a lie: he simply cited a few facts which gave a false picture of a very capable woman. Truth itself can be slanderous, if it is used to give a partial or distorted picture."