Friday, March 30, 2012

Everything That Is Wrong With CCM -Voddie Baucham

Voddie Baucham comments:

Have you heard there's another Christian on American Idol? Now before I comment on Colton Dixon's song choice, let me say emphatically that I do not believe singers, who happen to be Christian, are obligated to sing songs that are overtly "Christian." However, this guy chose to sing his "favorite worship song of all time," and it turned out to be Lifehouse's "Everything." As I watched him, I couldn't help but cringe. Here was a picture of everything (pardon the pun) that is wrong with Contemporary Christian Music and the modern "worship" scene.

The song was:

1. Christ-less: How do we "worship" Christ without mentioning him (or even his attributes) in a clear way?

2. Worldly: He looked like a rock star singing a rock song (the hair, the outfit, the demeanor, etc.). Turn down the volume (wait, the song was not biblical or Christian in any way, so you didn't have to) and he may as well have been singing to a woman.

3. Romanticized: Even the celebrity coach said the lyric went "right to the heart of a woman." This is the language of seduction; not worship!

4. Shallow: There is simply no 'there' there. True worship is NOT subjective emotionalism!

5. Confusing: "How can I be this close to you and not be moved by you?" Close? Are we talking physical proximity? Moved? Moved how? To repentance? To holiness (as opposed to worldliness)? What does it all mean? And why write a worship song that has to be explained? Shouldn't a worship song explain itself?

6. Comfortable: The worship of almighty God SHOULD NOT MAKE PEOPLE ON AMERICAN IDOL COMFORTABLE! True worship would have Steven Tyler's head spinning!

I'm glad he loves God, and hope he does well. However, had he just sung the song and left it at that, he would have done far more for his witness. Instead, he demonstrated a complete dearth of understanding in regard to true worship. However, he probably garnered millions of votes from Christians (and false professors) who share his sentiment.

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