Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Debate on House Floor

Sneak Peek of Behind The Scenes from The Penny!

While Andrea and I were part of another film project, we had many opportunities to meet many wonderful people. Nathan and Melinda Webster are two such people we are grateful to call our friends.

Nathan wrote, and produced, edited, slaved and bled over a film of his own, "The Penny". If you haven't seen this film you can purchase a copy at Here. The Penny is one of our favorites and part of our personal library. The film received the honor of Best Feature Film at the 2010 San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival.

The Penny is a wonderful family film highlighting God's perfect providence. Ten years after a tragic accident, former detective Jack Carter wants nothing more than to be a good father and husband, but his life begins to unravel through the actions of people he hasn't even met. Rebellious teens, a gas station owner, criminals, and a washed up cop all have plans of their own. Suddenly, these six lives begin to fit together in a completely unexpected way. Some would call it fate or destiny, others just bad luck or even coincidence. But is there more to it? The answer lies in a penny.

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Monday, March 28, 2011

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Matthew Henry & Others On Godly Opposition

Honest mistakes happen all the time. Sinful opposition confronts us just as often. We stand there threatened facing potential consequences and loss brought upon us by others. We're perhaps fearful. This in not what we had planned in the least. Damage control must be done. It's our test by Providence not to be passed on to another. It's time for godly opposition, but what does that look like?

This is the life we're called to by God, yes, to oppose but with what end in sight?

Maybe you've asked yourself these questions:
  • How do we keep from losing sight of the end goal while facing this difficult providence?
  • How can we keep from becoming a stumbling block as we know see clearly by the opposition we're facing what one is?
  • What does God prescribe we do as we are tempted to be prideful when we're opposed?
  • How can we keep our minds clear enough in order to make plans for restoration redeeming that which may potentially be lost?

Matthew Henry gives us insight.

I always enjoy reading Matthew Henry, here he expounds on 2 Tim. 2:23-26

He cautions him against contention, and, to prevent this (v. 23), cautions him against foolish and unlearned questions, that tend to no benefit, strifes of words. Those who advanced them, and doted upon them, thought themselves wise and learned; but Paul calls them foolish and unlearned. The mischief of these is that they gender strifes, that they breed debates and quarrels among Christians and ministers. It is very remarkable how often, and with what seriousness, the apostle cautions Timothy against disputes in religion, which surely was not without some such design as this, to show that religion consists more in believing and practising what God requires than in subtle disputes.—The servant of the Lord must not strive, v. 24. Nothing worse becomes the servant of the Lord Jesus, who himself did not strive nor cry (Mt. 12:19), but was a pattern of meekness, and mildness, and gentleness to all, than strife and contention. The servant of the Lord must be gentle to all men, and thereby show that he is himself subject to the commanding power of that holy religion which he is employed in preaching and propagating.—Apt to teach. Those are unapt to teach who are apt to strive, and are fierce and froward. Ministers must be patient, bearing with evil, and in meekness instructing (v. 25) not only those who subject themselves, but those who oppose themselves. Observe, 1. Those who oppose themselves to the truth are to be instructed; for instruction is the scripture-method of dealing with the erroneous, which is more likely to convince them of their errors than fire and faggot: he does not bid us kill their bodies, under pretence of saving their souls. 2. Such as oppose themselves are to be instructed in meekness, for our Lord is meek and lowly (Mt. 11:29), and this agrees well with the character of the servant of the Lord (v. 24): He must notstrive, but be gentle to all men, apt to teach, patient. This is the way to convey truth in its light and power, and to overcome evil with good,Rom. 12:21. 3. That which ministers must have in their eyes, in instructing those who oppose themselves, must be their recovery: If God,peradventure, will give them repentance to the acknowledging of the truth. Observe, (1.) Repentance is God’s gift. (2.) It is a gift with aperadventure in the case of those who oppose themselves; and therefore, though we are not to despair of the grace of God, yet we must take heed of presuming upon it. To the acknowledging of the truth. (3.) The same God who gives us the discovery of the truth does by his grace bring us to the acknowledging of it, otherwise our hearts would continue in rebellion against it, for we are to confess with our mouths as well as to believe with our hearts, Rom. 10:9, 10. And thus sinners recover themselves out of the snare of the devil; see here, [1.] The misery of sinners: they are in thesnare of the devil, and are led captive by him at his will, v. 26. They are slaves to the worst of task-masters; he is the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience, Eph. 2:2. They are taken in a snare, and in the worst snare, because it is the devil’s; they are as fishes that are taken in n evil net, and as the birds that are caught in the snare. Further, They are under Ham’s curse (a servant of servants shall he be,Gen. 9:25), they are slaves to him who is but a slave and vassal. [2.] The happiness of those who repent: they recover themselves out of this snare, as a bird out of the snare of the fowler; the snare is broken and they have escaped; and the greater the danger the greater the deliverance. When sinners repent, those who before were led captive by the devil at his will come to be led into the glorious liberty of the children of God, and have their wills melted into the will of the Lord Jesus. The good Lord recover us all out of the snare.
Also consider these helpful resources.

I have listened to each and every one of them and they all cast a hopeful wise perspective. They are full of answers I was looking for to the above questions and many more.

Honorable Language Doug Phillips
Fruit of the Spirit Greg Bahnsen
Fruit of the Spirit Gospel Audio Collection Phillips, Brown, Baucham, Swanson, Strauch, Einwechter.

Premiere of Jimmy Valiant tonight!

Follow the link for information on tonight's San Antonio Premiere.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Contact Your Representatives

Stop the TSA from Abusing Our Families

Make Calls Today in Support of H.B. 1937

Texas State Representative David Simpson (R-Longview) has introduced a bill in the Texas House to stop the TSA from groping our wives and daughters in our state’s commercial airports.

H.B. 1937 clarifies that sexual assault is sexual assault — no matter who performs it. Just because the TSA is a government bureaucracy does not mean that they can touch our intimate areas without probable cause. Not only does it violate our dignity, but it also violates the intent of the 4th Amendment in the U.S. Bill of Rights and Section 9 of the Texas Bill of Rights.

Action Alert! - Take Action Today on H.B. 1937

The Criminal Jurisprudence Committee will hold a public hearing for H.B. 1937 on Tuesday, March 22 — that’s tomorrow — and they need to hear from you today!

We need as many calls and faxes to flow into the Capitol as possible to encourage the members of this committee to support traveler dignity and stop the TSA’s abusive practices.

Please take time to call or fax each of the committee members and urge them to vote H.B. 1937 out of committee:

Show Your Support in Person: Attend Tomorrow’s Hearing in Austin

If you would like to show your support of this bill in person, we would encourage you to attend tomorrow’s hearing at the Texas Capitol. E-mail info@SupportDignity.com for directions and more details.

To read the full text of H.B. 1937 and to learn more about Rep. Simpson’s effort to stop TSA abuse in Texas, visit SupportDignity.com.

“Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good
of its victims may be the most oppressive.”
— C. S. Lewis, 1948

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Behind The Seams: A Favorite Sewing Resource

Pattern Fitting With Confidence

Have these or similar thoughts crossed your mind before? Have you ever said this before?

"It's a cute blouse but it's too big. It's also the last one on the rack and it's 70% off. Hum..."

"I love this skirt and it fits in the hips the length I can deal with though it's a bit too long the main problem is the waist is gaping in the back."

"Mom! I took the shoulders in, sewed the sleeves back on and now I can't move my arms!"

"I love this style of blouse but that cut just never looks good on me."

Here's what you need, "Pattern Fitting With Confidence." A basic book full of tricks of the trade. With decades of experience in the trade working with new sewing students Nancy Zieman is an excellent teacher for the seamstress that wants to learn how to fine tune their tailoring and custom fit their garments. She'll teach you with no cutting, slashing, tucking or pinching-- just logical and easy pivot-and-slide techniques, providing a painless method to follow that results in a garment that is comfortable and attractive.

We've referenced it a couple time in the last 2 weeks for a refresher on how to approach a project. It's handy to have around even though you've dropped a waist line and re-cut shoulders before.

Recommended Resources
Modesty Matters Patterns & Tutorials Set
The Handmade Marketplace: How to Sell Your Crafts Locally, Globally, and Online
Make Your Own Doll Dress Kit

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Family Works: Inspiring Profiles of Family Business Vol. 2

Now available, Family Works: Volume 2 a captivating, inspirational, and educational look at the fascinating world of family run businesses!