Friday, June 24, 2011

Urgent Alert: Texas House Speaker Flip-Flips! Calls it a publicity stunt.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Texas House Speaker Joe Straus flip-flopped on HB 41 today, refusing to allow the House to vote on this bill and calling it “an ill-advised publicity stunt.” This “publicity stunt” boasts 114 co-authors and is based upon HB 1937, the TSA Anti-Groping bill that passed the House unanimously 138-0 during the regular session under Speaker Straus’ oversight. So why was this a legitimate bill the first time around, and now nothing more than a publicity stunt? Simple put: Speaker Straus has flip-flopped.

URGENT ALERT: Call Speaker Straus’ office at (512) 463-1000 and tell him that you are outraged by his flip-flop on HB 41. Ask him to stand up for Texans’ liberty and the sanctity of our bodies and to schedule HB 41 for a vote on June 27. And call the co-authors of HB 41 and ask them to urge Speaker Straus to promptly bring the bill back to the floor.


The TSA anti-groping bill hit another roadblock today when the House adjourned without considering the legislation as scheduled. “Our plane was not full to capacity,” House Speaker Joe Straus said, hinting that the House did not have a quorum present to pass the legislation. But that wasn’t the only reason the bill wasn’t heard.

“The bill, without some serious revisions, appears to me to be nothing more than an ill-advised publicity stunt, unenforceable…[and] misdirected at uniform security personnel,” Straus said. He argued the bill should be aimed “at Washington, at the bosses of these people.”

Today, Straus — showing a degree of public adamance not seen much this session — said the bill will never be considered on the House floor “as written.” The House is drafting a resolution to send a message to the appropriate people and address the issue of inappropriate searches “without making the Texas Legislature a laughing stock,” he said.

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