Saturday, June 11, 2011

Breaking News! Help Governor Perry Bring the Anti-TSA Groping Bill Before the Special Session!

A very important read!

A Texas victory could be in sight! Read the action points! If you take action, let TSA Tyranny know - and everyone else know Gov. Perry has heard from you! Post the action steps that you take.
"There are now enough Texas representatives and senators supporting the Anti-TSA Groping bills to pass this legislation! Now we need your help convincing Governor Perry to bring these bills before the special session for a vote."
“As you know, certain Senate procedures — such as the two-thirds tradition — exist to bring Democrats and Republicans together, encouraging Members to work in good faith in order to achieve positive outcomes for the people of Texas. Given that a small number of Senate Democrats have demonstrated their unwillingness to find consensus on these important legislative items, I can see no other alternative than to operate under a simple majority vote in the Special Session.”
Mobilize - everyone, take action.
Victory is within sight!

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