Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bahnsen vs. New York's decision to legalize Homosexual Marriage.

"Rules are really something. Human beings display their fallen human nature when it comes to laying down rules....There will be doubts and fears that will come to you when you confront the hostility of the World. You'll see points of view that are openly hostile toward Christianity...There are going to be more subtle presentations of antagonistic viewpoints...things that do not appear on the surface as openly opposing the Christian Faith and yet when you go to the heart of the matter they are just as clearly negative to and hostile to Christianity as the professor kicking the bible across the floor. You are going to hear in this day continually how homosexuals are an oppressed people that they are a specific minority that has been mistreated and particularly the worst mistreatment has come at the hands of Christians in western history...Are you competent to deal with this?...I wouldn't be saying it this way if the answer is, "No you're not", so why don't we all go home and go out to the swimming pool and do something more enjoyable than sit here and pretend that we're going to get ready. The bible says that you are competent to deal with that. That you are competent to deal with any criticism, any hostility and any kind of opposition be it overt or subtle that is raised against your faith as a Christian."

Watch the Greg Bahnsen's lecture on "The Myth of Neutrality" for free on Youtube by clicking here.

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