Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Urge them to stand!!!!

TSA Tyranny: Washington Threatens No-Fly Zone in Texas ---

Unless we Let Them Touch our Genitals

Yesterday, agents of the Federal Government descended on the Capitol in Austin to threaten the people of Texas with an unthinkable act of tyranny.

Their threat: Enact H.B. 1937 -- a bill to forbid TSA agents from touching travelers’ private parts without probable cause -- and Washington will close down flights to and from Texas airports.

What I am telling you is not a fable, a bad dream, or Hollywood fiction. It didn’t happen in Communist China or the former Soviet Union. It wasn’t declared by the former President of Egypt or Tunisia or Generalissimo Antonio de Santa Anna. And it didn’t happen in 1770 or 1835.

It happened yesterday; it happened in America; and it was declared by officials representing the United States government.

On Tuesday, agents of the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) bullied Texas Senators in person, and a DOJ letter was sent to Speaker of the Texas House Joe Straus and President of the Texas Senate David Dewhurst which told Texas to bow in submission to despotism or pay the consequences. Members of the Texas legislature were informed that if they criminalize the touching of travelers’ genitals by TSA officers, Washington will likely declare a no-fly zone and disallow commercial air traffic in the Lone Star State.

DOJ LETTER: A Threat Rife with Falsehoods

The DOJ threat letter sent House Speaker Straus and Lt. Governor Dewhurst was rife with utter falsehoods. It claimed that H.B. 1937 “makes it a crime for a federal Transportation Security Official to perform the security screening that he or she is authorized by federal law to perform.”

Where is the federal law that authorizes the Federal Government to suspend the Fourth Amendment’s guarantee against “unreasonable searches and seizures” and requires citizens to be touched in their private parts as a condition to travel?

Please show us the law—we would like to see it.

The DOJ letter also states that “Under the Supremacy Clause of the United States Constitution, Texas has no authority to regulate federal agents and employees in the performance of their federal duties or to pass a statute that conflicts with federal law.”

Dear friends, the Supremacy clause states that the “Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in pursuance thereof … shall be the supreme law of the land.”

There is no federal law that exists or that is consistent with the Constitution that sanctions the touching of private parts without probable cause. To the contrary—the Fourth Amendment forbids them. Further, the Supremacy Clause only protects federal action that is otherwise constitutional. A search without probable cause is an unconstitutional violation of the 4th Amendment. The Supremacy Clause is thus on our side, not theirs, as Texas is seeking to uphold the Constitution while the TSA is insisting on violating it.

Texas Officials Have a Duty to Uphold the Constitution,

Not Cave to Tyrants Who Would Subvert It

As elected officials, Texas legislators have taken an oath to uphold both the US and Texas Constitutions. In that capacity, they not only have authority to pass a statute that would reign in violation of Fourth Amendment rights, they have a responsibility to do so. It is their duty.

Regrettably, in a moment of panic, Texas Senators caved to the pressure from Washington and H.B. 1937 was temporarily withdrawn.

Contact the Governor / Lieutenant Governor and Urge them

to Stand against Washington’s Tyrannical Threat

Now is not the time to sit idly by as Washington officials threaten to run roughshod over our liberties. Now is the time to act.

Please call Governor Rick Perry and Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst and urge them to stand against tyranny and lend active support to H.B. 1937.

(Sample conversation/email)

Mr. Governor or Lieutenant Governor (or staffer),

I almost couldn't believe my ears when I learned that the federal government is threatening Texas with a no-fly zone unless we halt efforts to stop the federal government from violating our dignity and constitutional rights.

Please stand strong for our constitutional freedoms and support H.B. 1937. It is imperative that we pass this bill to protect our families from having their private parts touched without probable cause.

Please take action today in supporting H.B. 1937 so that Texas can lead the way in protecting our citizens’ from TSA abuse.


(your name)

Contact Texas Governor Rick Perry

Call: (512 463-2000
(512) 463-1849


Contact Texas Lt. Governor David Dewhurst

Call: (512) 463-0001
Fax: (512) 463-0677


Forward to your Friends — and Ask them to Take Make Calls Today!

Please forward this e-mail to your friends and urge them to voice their outrage to our Texas officials concerning the federal government’s threat of tyranny.

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