Monday, May 23, 2011

Urge Texas Senate to Stop TSA Abuse

Stop TSA from groping innocent travelers

Urge the Senate to Ace Now on H. B. 1937
Urge Texas Senate to Stop TSA Abuse

Thanks to your letters, Faxes, and phone calls last week, the Senate Transportation and Homeland Security Committee voted H. B. 1937 out of committee last Friday 8-0 -- a unanimous vote!

H.B. 1937 — a bill authored State Rep. David Simpson — would prohibit the use of indecent groping searches of traveler’s private parts by the TSA without probable cause and protect innocent men, women, and children from unwarranted abuse at the hands of government bureaucrats.

Alert: Urge the Lt. Governor and Your Senator to Defend Innocent Travelers

We now need Lt. Governor David Dewhurst — who controls the bill calendar in the Texas Senate — to bring this important measure up for a vote before the 82nd legislative session ends.

There are only a few days left to get this law passed before the session ends — so time is of the essence!

Now is the time for one more big push.

Please forward this e-mail to your friends and then call, fax, or e-mail the Lt. Governor’s office — as well as your State Senator — and ask them to get H.B. 1937 to the Senate floor for a vote and to vote in favor of the bill.

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