Thursday, May 26, 2011

Rushdoony on Presumption & Inheritance

Presumption- It is a bold and daring confidence in the goodness of God without obedience to His will. It has its God-ward manifestations, but also it’s man-ward manifestations. In every form, presumption acts as though it has the authority of God without the law and righteousness of God.

An illustration from the realm of inheritance:

On one of my trips I encountered a very interesting and a very sad situation. A very well to do man, a very devote Christian had two sons, both of which are devote Christians as are the daughters in law and the grandchildren, thus the whole family is clearly Christian. Both the sons have very good incomes, far better than average, they are well to do. 15:48 But they are all improvident and all look to the Grandparents to bail them out, to subsidize them, and they drop hints endlessly about not having this or that, instead of having a rented home they would have a good home donated by the parents and that the college education of the one grandson would be taken over by the grandfather. The grandfather is very properly resentful of this and feels that something is wrong with it and he can’t put his finger on it. He made less, granted that there is inflation, but made less proportionately, but I built what I had by being thrifty. What right do they have to feel entitled to lay waste to what I have? They don’t want to save. Now the father had a right to be resentful because they viewed the inheritance as something for themselves to enjoy. And they were presumptuous. As we have seen the very idea of inheritance has to be theologically grounded.

The very point of an inheritance is that God’s purpose be fulfilled in and through us, that our dominion be extended, that the kingdom of God be established. And as a result, in spite of their faith, the children and the grandchildren were humanists at heart. They used all the fruits of their labors and wanted to use all the fruits of their grandfather’s labors without any awareness of any responsibility to God, to the past, and to the future.

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