Monday, May 30, 2011

Ah, the Life Spotting! Expanding her reach!

If you haven't met Breezy and Emily Brookshire grasp the opportunity should it present itself. Both of them have worked hard at developing their respective talents, steadily expanding the reach of their cottage industries, serving the body of Christ and making it look a whole lot better!!!!

But what I want you to see is the ever developing and maturing vision of these young ladies. I appreciate their professionalism coupled with their spirit of delightedness. You will not miss their respectful and humble way they engage you and my favorite, hugs! They are indeed forward thinking and hopeful, all of which is very contagious!

Recently, Breezy has taken a new leap into the world of digital painting with the help of Emily's knowledge base with Photoshop which she's built around her graphic design business. I am so excited to see where this new avenue takes them. Here is her first painting ala Photoshop!

Visit the girls at:
A Bowl of Moss and Pebbles and Simply Vintage Girl and get to know them better!


Lauren Christine said...

I just love her paintings. She's so talented! :)

Jenny said...

Beautiful painting! What an adorable fox!