Saturday, April 16, 2011

We were taught to rebel...

While this graphic flies around the web we though it ought to land here momentarily before it heads on to it's next destination. Ignore the fact that it concludes intent on dishonor and division in the family. Obviously an unfortunate conclusion we know you don't endorse. Nor do we.

It does however highlight some of what American children feed on, where they find their inspiration, and insight which will define the adventures they pursue.

So here we have it. Rebellion in 7 different and colorfully animated ways. And of course there is Tangled....if you missed the review here it is again.

In the tender years when life, when a child's imagination delights in many things with awe and wonder, so very pliable and fixed on understanding as much as possible, why build worlds which invoke fascination with sin? 


Lauren Christine said...

So true! The more you think about the actual plot lines to Disney movies, the more you realize how disturbing they are! Tragic.

Lauren Christine

Madeleine said...

Oh, this is very, very true! Americans have been spoon-fed rebellion and impurity from infancy to adolesence; from adolesence to adulthood; and then we wonder how we become so comfortable with sin? Think- "I am sixteen going on seventeen!" Girl and boy run about dancing and flirting, giving their hearts away in a dark, wooded pavillion. Yet another wonderful lesson for young women.
Love you,
Thanks for posting this!

Reality Check said...

Thank you for Sharing this! Its so true and unbelievable at the same time! I saw this on another blog that lead me to yours! God Bless you!

btw! I'm following you :)