Saturday, April 30, 2011

How to Celebrate - Happy Birthday Dad

Today is my father's birthday. As providence would have it the honorary day falls on a weekend we are traveling for business.

It's not a disappointment in the least; quite the opposite in reality.

For years now we've shared the vision for raising up a higher standard of economic maturity in ourselves and others.

Entrepreneurship is an exciting adventure and we find in it a great cause as the government schools are conditioning our countrymen into embracing socialism and worse. Our endeavors are fueled with the purpose to rehabilitate the public school mind, teaching the ideals of capitalism, free enterprise and the necessity of a free republic.

Being in business and having the perspective that we are called to continually grow in wisdom, developing your economic maturity has taught us that our thinking must always be on the offense especially considering the force of current drawing the masses the other way and attempting to pull us in the other direction along with them.

We have found that the Lord continually blesses our efforts with the wisdom and direction we need as we pursue our vision to contend with the culture in this manner.

What could be more exciting than to live in a country where the opportunity still exists to operate a business of our own and share a vision for economic maturity in the face of such great evil?

So this is how we celebrate. Living our vision to the best of our current ability, with an eye on the horizon where economic victories have been won on battlefields future generations will talk about and advance further.

Happy Birthday Dad and thank you for the vision.

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Nick Jesch said...

This is a great vision, and encouraging to read of a family actually LIVING it. Having met your Dad and spent a little time with him, this helps to understand him better.

You are very correct in saying this sort of thing is needed.. desparately so, in our ailing culture. As I've been studying how things were back in the time of the birth or our nation as a nation, the stark difference between then and now is even more apparent. Those people were VERY self-sufficient within their communities, looked out for one another, worked together for common cause, certainly taught their children the same principles of biblical prosperity your Dad is teaching you, and had a powerful vision to establish a government to preserve these values well into the future. Much evil, as you say, has turned us aside from that vision as a nation, I am thankful, and encouraged, to see more people awakening and dedicating themselves to restoring what was lost, and taking it even further along the road to true prosperity. Like the scripture says, Happy is the man whose God is the LORD. Restoring HIM to His rightful place as Lord will assure a better future. Keep up the great work.