Friday, April 01, 2011

Business Ideas for Mompreneurs

While this CFM podcast is directed at Moms, daughters who are savvy entrepreneurs before they become moms are setting themselves up for a smoother transition into Momville.

From Crown Financial Ministries:

One of the questions moms often ask us is, “How can I stay at home with the kids, but still add to the family income?”

Well, there just aren’t enough employers willing to let people work from home to accommodate all the moms in America that want some extra income.

That means if you can’t work for someone else, maybe you should work for yourself. Start your own business. Become a “mompreneur.”

The next question we’re asked is, “What kind of business?” Well, it depends on your skills and interests. Fortunately, the sky’s the limit when it comes to starting a business.

A recent article at lists just a few of the ideas moms have dreamed up. These aren't for everyone, but they should get you thinking:
First, social networking sites. Moms are natural networkers, so it’s no surprise that mompreneurs are developing Web sites that allow other moms with common interests to interact, say over things like parenting or clothes swapping. The idea is to get enough traffic to the site to begin to sell advertising.

Next, it’s easy being green. Moms want to provide a safe, healthy place for their kids. Mompreneurs are finding they can make products or provide services that help other moms go organic or care for the environment in other ways.

And finally, apps are us. Most smart phone apps are developed by men, but moms are starting to crack the gender barrier. The group Moms with Apps helps mompreneurs develop and market mobile apps.

Now, you may not be a hotshot software programmer, but you probably have some skill or interest that could be the genesis of a new business idea. For more ways to maximize your potential, visit us online at By the way, mompreneurs are always welcome.


Nick said...

Great term, "Mompreneurs". I like it. Excellent bit of encouragement, here. It helps to put shoeleather on the Proverbs 31 Woman who "considers a field and buys it", with the increase of her household in view. I know a number of stay at home daughters who are already entrepreneurs in their own right...working at soap and candlemaking, goat or poultry farming, music (teaching and/or composing/performing), instrument repair and tuning, photography, graphic arts, video production, clothing design, leatherwork, accounting, midwifery, produce production, beekeeping, to name some that come to mind readily. These are all things that can easily be incorporated into their own households when they marry and build one. They are already looking ahead to that time, and are preparing well ahead to manage the home economy well.

American Home said...

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