Thursday, March 03, 2011

Behind The Seams: A Favorite Sewing Resource

Pattern Fitting With Confidence

Have these or similar thoughts crossed your mind before? Have you ever said this before?

"It's a cute blouse but it's too big. It's also the last one on the rack and it's 70% off. Hum..."

"I love this skirt and it fits in the hips the length I can deal with though it's a bit too long the main problem is the waist is gaping in the back."

"Mom! I took the shoulders in, sewed the sleeves back on and now I can't move my arms!"

"I love this style of blouse but that cut just never looks good on me."

Here's what you need, "Pattern Fitting With Confidence." A basic book full of tricks of the trade. With decades of experience in the trade working with new sewing students Nancy Zieman is an excellent teacher for the seamstress that wants to learn how to fine tune their tailoring and custom fit their garments. She'll teach you with no cutting, slashing, tucking or pinching-- just logical and easy pivot-and-slide techniques, providing a painless method to follow that results in a garment that is comfortable and attractive.

We've referenced it a couple time in the last 2 weeks for a refresher on how to approach a project. It's handy to have around even though you've dropped a waist line and re-cut shoulders before.

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Stephanie said...

Thank you for sharing this! We are on a limited clothing budget so I tend to shop thrift stores but seem {no pun intended} to run into the dilima's you describe as well!

Gabrielle Renee said...

Thank you for sharing this resource! I shall have to keep my eye out for this book.