Tuesday, February 01, 2011

How Much is a TSA Free Airport Worth to You?

TSA Tyranny's radio ads target airport scanners.

A local group, Keep Austin Free, is so concerned about airport body scanners that it's buying radio ads to fight them.

In its radio ads, Keep Austin Free makes it clear it opposes full body scanners coming to Austin Bergstrom International Airport.

The scanners use radio waves to look through a passenger's clothing and reveal concealed weapons, explosives, liquids, metals, and other potential dangers.

One part of the ad says, "The TSA has made plans to install full body scanners at Austin airport to gawk at our naked bodies,"

Wesley Strackbein, co-founder of Keep Austin Free, has paid thousands of dollars for radio advertising time in Austin.

"It's outrageous that we should treat the innocent as if they're equal to Al Qaeda, and that's what is taking place," he said.

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