Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Lost Arts of Womanhood

Biblical womanhood has become a lost art as feminism has pervaded our culture and reshaped the priorities of women for nearly a century. While in bygone generations, communities were blessed with many thriving Proverbs 31 women who contentedly and joyfully served the needs of their households, honored their husbands, and raised their children in the fear of Lord, today precious few examples of this exist.

Yet God has begun a work of revival in the hearts of a growing number of women who desire to turn back to His sure paths of biblical femininity. This cultural shift back to the Bible has prompted a longing in ladies’ hearts to live out the precious and powerful vision of womanhood that the Scriptures describe.

Vision Forum is pleased to offer a special set to aid ladies in their quest to reclaim biblical womanhood — the Recovering the Lost Arts of Biblical Womanhood Collection.

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