Thursday, December 02, 2010

Free Message - Christian Response to TSA Outrage

Revelations of the TSA’s new invasive security procedures have shocked Americans as stories have circulated of the most demeaning violations of personal privacy. TSA agents are now requiring a growing percentage of air travelers to subject themselves to full-body scanners that render an essentially naked image of them for the TSA to see, or to opt-out and be touched in their private parts by a bureaucrat. Innocent men, women, and children are being groped, exposed, and humiliated by government agents. The TSA’s actions are simply outrageous.

But how should the Church respond? What steps should Christians take to protect their families from these egregious new policies?

In this timely message, Doug Phillips and Wesley Strackbein outline the theological, moral, and constitutional issues involved and give practical counsel on how Christians can navigate through the difficult questions of air travel in light of the intrusive TSA procedures.

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