Friday, December 03, 2010

3 Minutes and a Free Subscription!

If you haven't already heard, the Navigating History: Egypt project has just recently launched! It's a 6 episode adventure history series designed to teach not only history, but culture, current affairs and the ideas that shape them, all from a solidly Biblical perspective. This has been a really fun and fascinating series so far...something that would be a great springboard into a larger study of history and culture. Each video episode is followed by live Q&A session with new articles, videos and/or updates posted to the site for subscribers each day. All of the content will be archived for subscribers, so if you're just signing up you can still go back and review what you've missed. Episode 2 is about to begin, so hurry on over and sign up!

As an added bonus, the Navigating History team has just announced a special offer! Here are the details-

The Navigating History Subscription Challenge

Get five of your friends to sign up for Navigating History: Egypt and receive a free subscription worth $49.99! If you already have a membership, you can choose instead to receive a $35 e-code coupon for the Western Conservatory online store. There is no ceiling to this offer--if 50 of your friends sign up, you receive $350 in store credit.

Enter this challenge with as little as three minutes of time invested. Here's how:

    1 - Spread the word about the Navigating History: Egypt Online Tour to your friends
    2 - Tell your friends to type your name in the "Referred by" section of the sign-up page when they subscribe--this is how we keep track of who has recommended whom. It's your job to make sure your friends understand this if you want a free subscription!
    3 - That's all!

Is there a faster, easier (and cheaper) way to secure a subscription to an online event that is unlike any other? If you find one, let us know. We look forward to navigating the history of Egypt with you!

Here are some creative ideas for spreading the word:

- Talk to your friends about it-- strike up conversation at church or at work about the Navigating History adventure

- Send the link to your emailing list

- If you have blog, post about Navigating History and this promotional deal!

- Post on Twitter, Facebook and Google Buzz about the event, and link to videos and articles on the NH site, or the NH vimeo account.

- Invite your Facebook friends to join the Navigating History page and include a personal message asking them to list your name as the referrer.

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