Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Loving the Law

...the lordship of Christ our savior is a central concept for the Christian...this is the confession that all of God's people have...And if He is the Lord, it naturally follows that he gives us something to follow...we must submit to His commands...His commands call for a distinctive and comprehensive style of living from His people. We must oppose the trend to rid Christian ethics of external rules. We must oppose that trend that says, “Rules are out of place in the Christian life.” ...Most people in the Christian church today say, “We don’t want external rules, we want internal promptings. We want the subjective bumps of the spirit, if you will, to get us going this way or that way to do what God would have us to do." Yet that simply will not square with the teaching of the Bible…What does the spirit lead all people to do in the new covenant? Romans 8:4 To fulfill the ordinance of the Law...We are to follow the Lord Jesus with a distinctive lifestyle, but that lifestyle doesn't come from inner promptings and it doesn't come from the external reading of nature. Where do we find that lifestyle? It's right here in this book. It's the commands of the Lord; Christian living. Anybody can see if you just read your bible and think about this and don't let voices all around you mislead you. Christian living calls for devotion to the Lord, devotion by observing God's will as it's found in the commandments of scripture.
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