Friday, October 01, 2010

Grammar Rock Adjective - "Feministic"

We grew up watching School House Rock on Saturday mornings with our cartoons. David McCall, ABC, & General Mills brought us a weekly helping of our American culture in the animated, musical, and far too educational series. We learned quite easily the catchy rock tunes which later, when listened to with original lyrics, would continue to inform us, only perpetuating the ungodly cultural influences. How ingenious. As informed children we made Mom's grocery shopping unpleasant because WE knew what sort of cereal goes with rocking adverbs.

Rock music, cereal and...

We also learned a feministic worldview along with our adjectives. How many feministic assertions can you identify in the video above? It's a simple example but it worked.

Looking for worldview friendly education? We always will be. We make it a practice to continually study this topic and it makes for plenty of great daily discussion as we are out and about. Just a few days ago we were explaining to a friend the worldview implications after shopping at local department store. We find important to be informed so we are able to disciple.

There are plenty of tools available and in the right hands they can be very powerful. Consider joining us at the up and coming San Antonio Independent Christian Film Academy and Festival. Visit to register.

Here are a few more tools for your toolbox which you can use to create a biblical culture and worldview for your self and those you influence. We've been enriched, we hope you are too.

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