Wednesday, October 20, 2010

We must have our seed time

"Grow up into Him in all things." — Ephesians 4:15

Many Christians remain stunted and dwarfed in spiritual things, so as to present the same appearance year after year. No up-springing of advanced and refined feeling is manifest in them. They exist but do not "grow up into Him in all things." But should we rest content with being in the "green blade," when we might advance to "the ear," and eventually ripen into the "full corn in the ear?" Should we be satisfied to believe in Christ, and to say, "I am safe," without wishing to know in our own experience more of the fulness which is to be found in Him. It should not be so; we should, as good traders in heaven's market, covet to be enriched in the knowledge of Jesus. It is all very well to keep other men's vineyards, but we must not neglect our own spiritual growth and ripening. Why should it always be winter time in our hearts? We must have our seed time, it is true, but O for a spring time—yea, a summer season, which shall give promise of an early harvest. If we would ripen in grace, we must live near to Jesus—in His presence—ripened by the sunshine of His smiles. We must hold sweet communion with Him. We must leave the distant view of His face and come near, as John did, and pillow our head on His breast; then shall we find ourselves advancing in holiness, in love, in faith, in hope—yea, in every precious gift. As the sun rises first on mountain-tops and gilds them with his light, and presents one of the most charming sights to the eye of the traveller; so is it one of the most delightful contemplations in the world to mark the glow of the Spirit's light on the head of some saint, who has risen up in spiritual stature, like Saul, above his fellows, till, like a mighty Alp, snow-capped, he reflects first among the chosen, the beams of the Sun of Righteousness, and bears the sheen of His effulgence high aloft for all to see, and seeing it, to glorify His Father which is in heaven.

Charles H Spurgeon devotion "Morning & Evening" October 20th

Monday, October 18, 2010

Scions of Danger Teaser Trailer Released!

Scions of Danger Teaser from NDFilmmaker on Vimeo.

Beautifully done! We're looking forward to seeing it released.
Follow along with us at to learn more about the film.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

The story behind the Chilean miners' Jesus T-Shirts

As miners were being pulled from Chile's San Jose mine Wednesday, most were wearing tan T-shirts over their coveralls. The Chilean government told reporters the green coveralls were designed to help absorb the sweat as they ascended to the top.

But Wes Little, a CNN editor/producer in Atlanta, wondered why the miners were wearing the T-shirt over their coveralls. He noticed a logo on the T-shirt's left sleeve for the Jesus Film Project.

Here's what we found:

The Jesus Film Project is a ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ International, the massive Orlando, Florida-based evangelical ministry.

The Jesus Film Project tells us they have translated the film into 1,105 languages and that it has been seen in every country. You can watch or listen to over a 1,000 of the translations here.

The main goal of TJFP's ministry is to create and distribute effective media in every language, says Berry Fiess, the group's director of field information services.

Seventeen days into the mine accident, CCCI country director for Chile, Christian Maureira, started contacting public officials to see if they could send the miners a copy of the film. Fiess said Maureira was able to reach a daughter and a brother of miner Jose Henriquez.

Through that family contact, the group was able to send an MP3 audio version of the Jesus film and an MP3 audio version of the New Testament in Spanish to Henriquez down in the mine.

The Jesus film explains that the New Testament tells how Jesus is laid in a tomb-like cave after his crucifixion. Three days later, Jesus is said to have risen from the dead. In the Jesus film, women come to the tomb and find the stone that blocked the entrance has been rolled away, the cave empty.

It is unclear if the miners saw the resurrection story as a parallel for their hoped-for rescue, but Jose Henriquez passed along a letter to CCCI's Maureira from inside the mine. Fiess shared the English translation with CNN:

Thank you for this tremendous blessing for me and my coworkers. It will be good for our spiritual edification. I am fine because Christ lives in me.

We have prayer services at 12 noon and 6 pm.

"At the end of the letter," Fiess said, "(Henriquez) said goodbye with Psalm 95:4, which says, 'In His hand are the depths of the earth, and the mountain peaks belong to Him.'"

A few days later, Henriquez asked Maureira to get them special T-shirts.

"The T-shirts were a gift from Campus Crusade for Christ Chile," Fiess said. "In the front you can read, 'Gracias Senor' – 'Thank you Lord.'"

And on the back, Psalm 95:4.

"Apparently, all the miners liked them," Fiess said. "It kind of solidified them."

See original story here on CNN's Belief Blog

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Truly Great Clearance Sale Poem

"Come one, come all, buy it all, buy it all!"
said the stay-at-home daughters to the crowd.
You'll find things that you like, A pink dress, a red trike,
a great book for the family read-a-loud.

They'll be excited but if they are not,
they can run, they can't hide, you'll need this at your side,
and persuasion for the chores they forgot.

But when chores are all done, it is then time for fun,
plan adventures for indoors or out.

There is only one day, so do not delay,
You can still fill your cart to the brim.
the savings are grand, they have plenty on hand,
click on over, let the shopping begin!

P.S. Did you know that Jeroboam rhymes with Vision Forum?
"Godly sorrow worketh repentance." — 2 Corinthians 7:10

Genuine, spiritual mourning for sin is the work of the Spirit of God. Repentance is too choice a flower to grow in nature's garden. Pearls grow naturally in oysters, but penitence never shows itself in sinners except divine grace works it in them. If thou hast one particle of real hatred for sin, God must have given it thee, for human nature's thorns never produced a single fig. "That which is born of the flesh is flesh."

Read the rest of Charles Spurgeon's Daily Devotion here.

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Ah, the Life Spotting!

Single, homeschooling, Stay-at-home mom starts home business!

Visit Ladies Against Feminism to join in the Grand opening of Stitches-N-Hems! An online store specializing in nursing cover-ups, burp cloths, and crib sets.

Or visit Mrs. L Rose's blog and read her story of trials and faith here.

Wondering About Film? Grab This While You Can!

Here is the bad news: We live in the most media-saturated culture in history. Hollywood is poisoning our youth with images and worldviews which are at war with the Gospel and toxic to our children.

Here is the good news: Home Educators are leading the charge to build a replacement industry to Hollywood built on biblical principles and dedicated to “taking every [frame] captive to the obedience of Christ.” Now Doug Phillips, the founder of the Christian Filmmakers Academy and the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival, gives parents and students the foundation for a distinctively biblical worldview for film and media. He answers questions like ”What is a Christ honoring film?,“ and he helps Christian families to escape from the status of media victim, and become cultural visionaries for Christ.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Rushdoony Devotional Released!

Introducing the first volume in a series of books with daily messages by R. J. Rushdoony on the uncompromising faith.

These daily messages on the faith for all of life are unlike any compilation of Christian "devotional" ever published. In these pages, you won't find the overly introspective musings of a Christian pietist; what you'll discover are the hard-hitting convictions of a man whose sole commitment was faithfulness to God's law-word and representing that binding Word to his readers.

A Word in Season reveals the intense, but simple, approach to applying one's faith to every area of life and thought. This is all done in a format of bite-sized readings on the uncompromising faith.

Friday, October 01, 2010

Grammar Rock Adjective - "Feministic"

We grew up watching School House Rock on Saturday mornings with our cartoons. David McCall, ABC, & General Mills brought us a weekly helping of our American culture in the animated, musical, and far too educational series. We learned quite easily the catchy rock tunes which later, when listened to with original lyrics, would continue to inform us, only perpetuating the ungodly cultural influences. How ingenious. As informed children we made Mom's grocery shopping unpleasant because WE knew what sort of cereal goes with rocking adverbs.

Rock music, cereal and...

We also learned a feministic worldview along with our adjectives. How many feministic assertions can you identify in the video above? It's a simple example but it worked.

Looking for worldview friendly education? We always will be. We make it a practice to continually study this topic and it makes for plenty of great daily discussion as we are out and about. Just a few days ago we were explaining to a friend the worldview implications after shopping at local department store. We find important to be informed so we are able to disciple.

There are plenty of tools available and in the right hands they can be very powerful. Consider joining us at the up and coming San Antonio Independent Christian Film Academy and Festival. Visit to register.

Here are a few more tools for your toolbox which you can use to create a biblical culture and worldview for your self and those you influence. We've been enriched, we hope you are too.

Recommended Resources:

His Mercies Have Been More Than the Hairs of Our Head

"Pleasant fruits, new and old, which I have laid up for thee, O my beloved." — Song 7:13

The spouse desires to give to Jesus all that she produces. Our heart has "all manner of pleasant fruits," both "old and new," and they are laid up for our Beloved. At this rich autumnal season of fruit, let us survey our stores. We have new fruits. We desire to feel new life, new joy, new gratitude; we wish to make new resolves and carry them out by new labours; our heart blossoms with new prayers, and our soul is pledging herself to new efforts. But we have some old fruits too. There is our first love: a choice fruit that! and Jesus delights in it. There is our first faith: that simple faith by which, having nothing, we became possessors of all things. There is our joy when first we knew the Lord: let us revive it. We have our old remembrances of the promises. How faithful has God been! In sickness, how softly did He make our bed! In deep waters, how placidly did He buoy us up! In the flaming furnace, how graciously did He deliver us. Old fruits, indeed! We have many of them, for His mercies have been more than the hairs of our head. Old sins we must regret, but then we have had repentances which He has given us, by which we have wept our way to the cross, and learned the merit of His blood. We have fruits, this morning, both new and old; but here is the point—they are all laid up for Jesus. Truly, those are the best and most acceptable services in which Jesus is the solitary aim of the soul, and His glory, without any admixture whatever, the end of all our efforts. Let our many fruits be laid up only for our Beloved; let us display them when He is with us, and not hold them up before the gaze of men. Jesus, we will turn the key in our garden door, and none shall enter to rob Thee of one good fruit from the soil which Thou hast watered with Thy bloody sweat. Our all shall be Thine, Thine only, O Jesus, our Beloved!