Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Quivering Daughters - Bitter Fruits of Bad Theology

With the ongoing breakdown of the family and faith, increasingly horrific reports surface detailing stories of children sexually abused in Christian boarding schools. Some adult children coming out of homeschools also complain of abuse, having been raised in what they call “legalistic” homes. As the evangelical faith wanders theologically and as family relationships suffer badly, these sorts of testimonies will only increase over the next few decades. What is the relationship of rules and relationships? How about faith and works? Heart and hands? Authority and humility? God's sovereignty and human responsibility? Tying in his current blog post on this broadcast, Kevin Swanson points out the wild swings Christians make from heterodoxy to heterodoxy, as the faith disappears generation by generation. The Christian family is on the edge of extinction. The apostasy in the west is finally reaching full force in our country (America). If you want to salvage faith and family, you better start with some half-way decent definitions. What you teach your children about the faith is important. As a pastor and a father, Kevin Swanson presents several important balances that are lost to the average evangelical today.

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