Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Millie's Flood

Rescue efforts on the first unit which was hit worst.

Waiting it out

"Hi Millie I see you! Do you see us? We're here!" The fire dept has a boat coming. (It sank) Millie has been waiting it out watching everything in her home float around. The water rose 24" inside as the creek behind her home swelled from Hermine's rain.

"I have often walked down this street before...."

Have you seen my refrigerator anywhere?

Drying out

Cars have turned up missing only to be found a ways down "stream"

The fire department breaking out windows.
Water pressure against the doors wouldn't allow them to open.

"I have two inches of mud inside!"
Andrea talking to Millie after water recedes.

Hooray! Here she comes!

Well let's go over and get your things.

Mom is our 5' measuring stick


Anonymous said...

Yikes, Glad no one drowned.. She should move and make sure to live out of the 100yr flood zone. So many builders don't care and don't tell, so the people that unwittingly buy or rent end up the one's paying the price.

Hope she didn't lose too many sentimental things, those are the ones that matter. Most important of all, no one got hurt.

Miss Kelly and Miss Andrea said...

It's of course pretty wet, muddy, sewagy. The typical flood mess. As far as sentimental things go many books lost, and pictures floating around. Her bible and family bible are fine which she's thrilled about. We just had her fixed up with some study materials and I think the saddest site that made me gasp was her brand new Matthew Henry set destroyed. But of all the rest she said to a very devastated neighbor, "We have our lives, the rest are just things."

Jonathan Hedrick Photography said...

WOW!! That's quite the flood! Glad to see that it seems as though everyone's ok.