Monday, September 13, 2010

Millie Flood Update - It's A Dirty Job

Papa Johns stopped in and handed out pizzas to the residents working to clean out the flood soaked condos.
Clean up has been a hot, dirty and well, very smelly job as you can imagine. The sewage smell has been the worst part but spirits are high as always and we have made a huge amount of progress in just two days.

One of the trash heaps in the area.

Taking a breather.
With no electricity or clean running water we decided to set up a station outside to work from.

Inspections and deliberations amongst residents are taking place in order to decide what will be done. A collective decision has to be made before Millie can make future plans. It is slow going in a situation like this. We are still putting together a list of needs which is being delayed due to insurance. Her immediate needs are taken care of. I'll be organizing her donations. Please contact me via blog email.

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