Friday, September 10, 2010

Little Things, Big Meaning

We're often asked, "How are you all so hopeful and how do you hold on to your vision for the future?"

A flood of things come to mind, there are many practical things we do, but my first thought is, "What else would you like to hold on to?" Holding onto despair, uncertainty, or fear is something many people do but that does little to form a God glorifying future and shape our thinking for the dominion work we've been called to. Hope causes us to persevere and overcome some of the greatest obstacles.

I'm not intending to take away from the work of the Saviour or the sovereignty of our heavenly Father but we should understand that one of the principle graces of a Christian is hope.

Little things are often over looked but have big meaning to us in the maintaining of hope which we see as our responsibility.

Today we met with a new client and of course like always we're different. I'm sure many of you are used to that. She was intrigued and asked us questions and we gave answers. People love it when the unanswered questions which have had for some time rolling around in their heads finally come to a halt as we share insight that is edifying for their situation. People are hungry and truth puts a disquieted soul at ease. Inspiring people in small ways even like this gives us hope. Being in the service of others is one way we maintain hope. It is as simple as this sometimes.

After making her acquaintance and our brief exchange about my explanation of how God's word is a standard for us she shared part of her vision for her family with me. It started eighteen years ago with the adoption of a son and the fruit she'd longed to see for so many years was now coming to pass. She was delighted. We walked through her home and she shared with me what her years as a mother had wrought and how the next generation has carried on the ethic she's instilled. She was rejoicing in the fruit of her labors. She was unashamed to share her hope with us and for us, encouraging us. Noting things like this gives us hope because for us little things have big meaning.

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