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Cranial Dominionism August 26th 2010

And be not conformed to this world, but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind. That ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect will of God. Rom. 12:2
Is There A Non-Christian Way To Fly A Plane?
This is a fantastic read, very edifying. In fact, if you don't love it you can have your money back. The article uses capitalism and the invention of the airplane as examples to illustrate the basic Christian belief system that makes advanced societies possible. Advanced societies contain so many things whether it's advanced sciences and technologies, advanced industries & entrepreneurial successes, successful mature relationships, solid stable families and grounded mature churches for that matter. This article illustrates how the Christian belief system that makes an airplane possible is the same belief system which is the basis for, as I said, everything. If you can build a plane you can build anything. Here's a piece...Enjoy!

"Now, look above. While enumerating only a few of the most important prerequisites for the plane to even exist, we used the words “believe” and “faith” 18 times! None of the material steps toward researching, experimenting, and building a plane would be taken unless we have people who believe all these things. A plane is not self-existent; it is the product of a belief system. And if we are going to discuss a plane in a rational way, we need to first take into consideration this belief system as the invisible reason for the existence of the plane."

"So, a plane needs, at the very bottom, certain beliefs in a society about man, about law, and about time. And above all, it needs certain beliefs about the unifying principle between all these: God. Without it, a plane cannot exist."
Children As Pets
American daughters often find they have hit a wall. The dreams they aspire to fulfill aren't coming to fruition. They have what they think is a relatively good start, a good education, college aspirations, maybe even some success and recognition in the athletic world. They're making their payments on their little 'sporty' economy cars, surely all will go as planned: college degree, then marriage, then kids and the white picket fence, parties with friends and....after that well, we'll just see what happens. But somewhere along the line the reality of the lie they've been sold reveals itself. Whether it's financial failure, the ugly sterile frustrating nature of the job scene, loneliness and repeated broken relationships. There seems to be no answer as to "How to move on." Every seemingly good answer or solution ends in failure. They're alone, in debt, have no direction and no real understanding of what is vanity and what is not. And then they begin to listen to the doubting questions, "Perhaps this is all there is? Perhaps I should just make due? I can settle for less...that's true contentment isn't it? I do have my fun girlfriends I hang out with, shop with, have coffee dates with. My sweet little dog is my baby doll. I have a good mega church nearby with great fellowship, music, and lots of fun families I can hang out with. I should just consider myself blessed. Yes, that's the problem I'm just ungrateful." It is far from the truth however. Listen to this very thorough and provoking lecture and discover the sad reality and the hope found in truth and reformation.

Matthew Henry On Romans 15
1. Christians must not please themselves. We must not make it our business to gratify all the little appetites and desires of our own heart; it is good for us to cross ourselves sometimes, and then we shall the better bear others crossing of us. We shall be spoiled (as Adonijah was) if we be always humoured. The first lesson we have to learn is to deny ourselves, Mt. 16:24

2. Christians must please their brethren. The design of Christianity is to soften and meeken the spirit, to teach us the art of obliging and true complaisance; not to be servants to the lust of any, but to the necessities and infirmities of our brethren-to comply with all that we have to do with as fare as we can with a good conscience. Christians should study to be pleasing. As we must not please ourselves in the use of our Christian liberty (which was allowed us, not for our own pleasure, but for the glory of God and the profit and edification of others), so we must please our neighbour. How amiable and comfortable a society would the church of Christ be if Christians would study to please one another, as now we see them commonly industrious to cross, and thwart, and contradict one another!—Please his neighbour, not in every thing, it is not an unlimited rule; but especially for the good of his soul: not please him by serving his wicked wills, and humouring him in a sinful way, or consenting to his enticements, or suffering sin upon him; this is a base way of pleasing our neighbour to the ruin of his soul: if we thus please men, we are not the servants of Christ; but please him for his good; not for our own secular good, or to make a prey of him, but for his spiritual good.—To edification, that is, not only for his profit, but for the profit of others, to edify the body of Christ, by studying to oblige one another. The closer the stones lie, and the better they are squared to fit one another, the stronger is the building. Now observe the reason why Christians must please one another: even Christ pleased not himself. The self-denial of our Lord Jesus is the best argument against the selfishness of Christians. Observe,

Don't Send Your Sons To College
I know now that the best of my life was its hardship. Isn’t it true of all of us–the millions of us who for years have been carrying our country through these hard times? Struggling out of poverty developed in us an invaluable strength. Having conquered so much, we know we are stronger than adversity. We do not give way to despair now; we met despair when we were young and we know it for the spur it is. We are not hopeless, for we have been without hope before, yet we lived, we kept on fighting, somehow we beat a way through solid walls and got what we could not hope for but were determined to have. And if we have lost that now, we still have inner strength that we can rely upon...

...He graduated, and I said, “All right, now go to college, if you can.”

It was cruel, but the more atrocious cruelty that we inflict upon our children is in depriving them of hardship, in keeping them helpless in school until they must go into the battle of living without experience of it. I would not give my boy four more years of that weakening protection. If his life is to be any good at all he must be a clean, hard fighter, conquering himself and circumstances. A man must compel his world to give him what he wants. Men always have done this; human beings might have lived as meekly as the animals, but we do not; we change the face of the globe and build our civilizations. Boys like mine, standing up to the Goliath and refusing to be licked, have made the whole human world and created everything valuable that we have.

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Excellent Exerpts! You certainly got my brain (and heart) going this morning. Thank you. As we say at our house when we read Matthew Henry: "Fasten your seatbelts and hang on!"