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Cranial Dominionism August 26th 2010

And be not conformed to this world, but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind. That ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect will of God. Rom. 12:2
Is There A Non-Christian Way To Fly A Plane?
This is a fantastic read, very edifying. In fact, if you don't love it you can have your money back. The article uses capitalism and the invention of the airplane as examples to illustrate the basic Christian belief system that makes advanced societies possible. Advanced societies contain so many things whether it's advanced sciences and technologies, advanced industries & entrepreneurial successes, successful mature relationships, solid stable families and grounded mature churches for that matter. This article illustrates how the Christian belief system that makes an airplane possible is the same belief system which is the basis for, as I said, everything. If you can build a plane you can build anything. Here's a piece...Enjoy!

"Now, look above. While enumerating only a few of the most important prerequisites for the plane to even exist, we used the words “believe” and “faith” 18 times! None of the material steps toward researching, experimenting, and building a plane would be taken unless we have people who believe all these things. A plane is not self-existent; it is the product of a belief system. And if we are going to discuss a plane in a rational way, we need to first take into consideration this belief system as the invisible reason for the existence of the plane."

"So, a plane needs, at the very bottom, certain beliefs in a society about man, about law, and about time. And above all, it needs certain beliefs about the unifying principle between all these: God. Without it, a plane cannot exist."
Children As Pets
American daughters often find they have hit a wall. The dreams they aspire to fulfill aren't coming to fruition. They have what they think is a relatively good start, a good education, college aspirations, maybe even some success and recognition in the athletic world. They're making their payments on their little 'sporty' economy cars, surely all will go as planned: college degree, then marriage, then kids and the white picket fence, parties with friends and....after that well, we'll just see what happens. But somewhere along the line the reality of the lie they've been sold reveals itself. Whether it's financial failure, the ugly sterile frustrating nature of the job scene, loneliness and repeated broken relationships. There seems to be no answer as to "How to move on." Every seemingly good answer or solution ends in failure. They're alone, in debt, have no direction and no real understanding of what is vanity and what is not. And then they begin to listen to the doubting questions, "Perhaps this is all there is? Perhaps I should just make due? I can settle for less...that's true contentment isn't it? I do have my fun girlfriends I hang out with, shop with, have coffee dates with. My sweet little dog is my baby doll. I have a good mega church nearby with great fellowship, music, and lots of fun families I can hang out with. I should just consider myself blessed. Yes, that's the problem I'm just ungrateful." It is far from the truth however. Listen to this very thorough and provoking lecture and discover the sad reality and the hope found in truth and reformation.

Matthew Henry On Romans 15
1. Christians must not please themselves. We must not make it our business to gratify all the little appetites and desires of our own heart; it is good for us to cross ourselves sometimes, and then we shall the better bear others crossing of us. We shall be spoiled (as Adonijah was) if we be always humoured. The first lesson we have to learn is to deny ourselves, Mt. 16:24

2. Christians must please their brethren. The design of Christianity is to soften and meeken the spirit, to teach us the art of obliging and true complaisance; not to be servants to the lust of any, but to the necessities and infirmities of our brethren-to comply with all that we have to do with as fare as we can with a good conscience. Christians should study to be pleasing. As we must not please ourselves in the use of our Christian liberty (which was allowed us, not for our own pleasure, but for the glory of God and the profit and edification of others), so we must please our neighbour. How amiable and comfortable a society would the church of Christ be if Christians would study to please one another, as now we see them commonly industrious to cross, and thwart, and contradict one another!—Please his neighbour, not in every thing, it is not an unlimited rule; but especially for the good of his soul: not please him by serving his wicked wills, and humouring him in a sinful way, or consenting to his enticements, or suffering sin upon him; this is a base way of pleasing our neighbour to the ruin of his soul: if we thus please men, we are not the servants of Christ; but please him for his good; not for our own secular good, or to make a prey of him, but for his spiritual good.—To edification, that is, not only for his profit, but for the profit of others, to edify the body of Christ, by studying to oblige one another. The closer the stones lie, and the better they are squared to fit one another, the stronger is the building. Now observe the reason why Christians must please one another: even Christ pleased not himself. The self-denial of our Lord Jesus is the best argument against the selfishness of Christians. Observe,

Don't Send Your Sons To College
I know now that the best of my life was its hardship. Isn’t it true of all of us–the millions of us who for years have been carrying our country through these hard times? Struggling out of poverty developed in us an invaluable strength. Having conquered so much, we know we are stronger than adversity. We do not give way to despair now; we met despair when we were young and we know it for the spur it is. We are not hopeless, for we have been without hope before, yet we lived, we kept on fighting, somehow we beat a way through solid walls and got what we could not hope for but were determined to have. And if we have lost that now, we still have inner strength that we can rely upon...

...He graduated, and I said, “All right, now go to college, if you can.”

It was cruel, but the more atrocious cruelty that we inflict upon our children is in depriving them of hardship, in keeping them helpless in school until they must go into the battle of living without experience of it. I would not give my boy four more years of that weakening protection. If his life is to be any good at all he must be a clean, hard fighter, conquering himself and circumstances. A man must compel his world to give him what he wants. Men always have done this; human beings might have lived as meekly as the animals, but we do not; we change the face of the globe and build our civilizations. Boys like mine, standing up to the Goliath and refusing to be licked, have made the whole human world and created everything valuable that we have.

Enjoy your reading!

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IndoctriNation Project Update!

Some really exciting announcements on the IndoctriNation Project!

As you might be able to tell from the photo above, Gunn Brothers Productions is now the proud owners of a school bus, a 1988 Chevy School Bus that's been converted to a motor-home to be precise. Of course this is no ordinary bus - it's the one and only IndoctriNation Tour Bus, ready for the Gunn Family to travel around the U.S. exposing the American tragedy of compulsory statist education.

The Gunns are truly thankful to everyone that has purchased a BackStage Pass and all those who have generously donated to the project or contributed by Buying a Mile. This has gone a long way in getting us as close as we are to hitting the road.

More Great News!

A very generous donor has offered to match the next round of donations up to $10,000. That means that every donation, or backstage pass purchased, will effectively be doubled! This providentially could not have come at a better time- if the total is met they will be able to be FULLY FUNDED to do the IndoctriNation Tour!

If you have considered donating to the project or buying a Backstage Pass this is the time to do it!

Go here to donate to the IndoctriNation project or here to buy a Backstage Pass.

Let the Tour Begin!!
If the Lord wills the tour will begin by September 1st. That's only 1 week away so please pray for the fund-raising and organizational goals.

IndoctriNation Tour Cities -

Little Rock, AR
Memphis, TN
New Harmony, IN
Petersburg, KY
Dayton, TN
Morristown, TN
Wake Forest, NC
Raleigh, NC
Washington, DC
Philadelphia, PA
Clifton, NJ
New York, NY
Stamford, CT
Boston, MA

Specific dates still to be announced soon!

Stay up to date by visiting

Please Pass The Popcorn! 60% off Best Sellers DVD Bundle!

Please pass the popcorn!

We love family films that build and strengthen our family. Watching films together like these offers us the opportunity to dialog on what we've learned, consider our current practices in the light of new standards and share inspiration for furthering our vision for our family. They just flat get us excited.

Vision Forum has a great offer for the next 72 hours. If you have a vision for the future of your family you want to continually mold and streamline, this is a great opportunity for you. Bring in the perspectives of several wise cultural leaders and watch how your family will grow in maturity as they are challenged by these wonderful films.

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False hope, true hope

"I still want to get married but I am trying to be realistic about it. I am 28 and it seems like prospects just get slimmer and slimmer.....How do you all stay positive and keep hope that you will marry one day? I get so discouraged looking at our culture of immature and ill-prepared men and I have a hard time keeping hope about it. My Dad prays for each of us everyday that God will provide and be preparing godly spouses for each of us. All of the unmarried young men in our church either seem uninterested in marriage or quite a bit younger than me (5-9 years)."
We received this question recently and it's not an uncommon one. Really, there are a lot of questions within this question, but rather than say what's already been said, and said well, let's talk about this portion of the question- "How do you all stay positive and keep hope that you will marry one day?" The answer lies in the fact that hope is a much broader concept than just our hope of marriage. Marriage is a wonderful thing, but if we're looking to it as the basis for our hopes, we're setting ourselves up for disappointment. If we're going to be a hopeful people, we first need to understand where hope comes from, what hope is(and isn't), how it's maintained and grown, and how it is lost.

Ultimately, hope springs from the grace of God in our lives and the promise of eternal life from a sovereign and unchanging God. Without God, we have no hope. He is the author of our hope.i,ii Only when we realize that our hopes are founded on Christ's sacrifice on our behalf, will we have a firm foundation from which we can look with hope to the future. Through Christ, the victory has already been won.iii If we're trying to build our hopes on our own strength, let's face it, the future looks dismal. We're going to disappoint ourselves and others time and time again; our sinful selves don't give us much to hope in.iv But, by grace, the believer always has a solid reason to hope and rejoice, even in tremendous difficulty. Even the babe in Christ has reason to hope in that, because of Christ's sacrifice, he has received the unfathomable and undeserved gift of eternal life.v How much more, then, should we who have time and again experienced His provision look with hope to the future?

"Hope for the Christian means all the promises of God concerning life in this world and in the world to come."vi Our hope must be based on the solid foundation of God's Word, not on wishful thinking, delusion, or simply what makes us feel good. If must be grounded in reality. For the believer, the promises of God in His Word are reality.vii Though an unbeliever may have a form of hope, it is a deceptive hope. In the end, his hopes will prove vain because, ultimately, his future is death.viii The unregenerate look for hope in everything but God and, if we're not walking before God in humility and repentance, we can get trapped in a life of seeking out things that make us feel good in order to avoid repentance. It's easy to chase those things that we call "hope" but which are, in reality, false "hopes" and deceitful diversions that we, as sinners, use to avoid the reality of guilt and repentance. Many of these things may be good in and of themselves, but if we're using them to avoid duty, we're only seeking indulgence to cover our guilt and calling it hope.ix But, though we may try a million ways to avoid God, we cannot escape his face.x

So, once we've learned to base our hope on the Word of God, how do we preserve it and how does it grow? If we're going to understand why hope wanes, we first have to understand how hope is maintained.

First of all, we must continually look to the Word and remind ourselves of that sure foundation we hope in. It's part of our nature as sinners that we so easily forget the mercies of God. But, the Word is full, from cover to cover, of examples of God's mercy to us, His people. Over and over the Scripture commands us to remember the works of God- to call them to mind, to praise Him for them, and tell them to those coming after us. And it warns us, also, of the consequences of forgetting His works.xi Psalm 78 makes it clear that gratitude for the works of God causes us to hope, but ingratitude leads to stubbornness and rebellion. Remembering God's mercies to us in times past leads to trust and confidence; forgetting His works leads to hopelessness. When we're ungrateful, it's very easy to fall into the habit of self pity and self pity is dangerous. To pity oneself is to coddle the sin of extreme, inordinate affection for oneself. It causes a person to narrow their focus to only those things that occur in their own myopic world and ignore the needs and joys of those around them. It leads to impatience, it robs you of joy, and saps your strength for the tasks at hand.xii So, when our flesh would rather give in to sinful emotions, we must obey the Scriptures that tell us what to think on, diligently disciplining our minds and hearts, preparing them for the task at hand.xiii

Secondly, as Romans 5 explains, "...tribulation worketh patience; And patience, experience; and experience, hope..." The Lord works through trials in our lives to strengthen us, to prove us, to show us His faithfulness and thereby encourage us to hope further. Patience is a discipline; hope is a gift, a gift from God that grows through diligence. Those who diligently persevere in the work God has laid before them are those who have full confidence in God.xiv When we are actively engaged, for the glory of God, in the work that He has given us today, our eyes will be opened to His faithfulness each and every day. He doesn't bless slothfulness. There is no hope in sin.xv In order to live with a hopeful outlook, we need to live in such a way that we're facing the difficulties of life with humility and repentance and looking to the Word as our sure guide. Otherwise, we'll be looking at life through the lens of despair, waiting for someone to rescue us. But, God requires personal responsibility, the self-governance, by grace, to continually repent, grow, and overcome.xvi The good news is that there is plenty of sanctifying work to do, we just have to decide if we're going to be givers or takers. We live in what many would call a hopeless time; we're surrounded by those who are searching for something to hope in. And who, if not we, can reach out to others with the only true hope there is?

Reformation begins, by grace, with the individual and it's up to each of us to decide if we're going to be that individual that begins reformation in the world around us. We must remember to thank God for his good gifts and we'll find something wonderful in doing so- gratitude gets our eyes off ourselves and onto the giver of good gifts; it enables us to serve others. And, as we work diligently on the tasks He has given, progress in sanctification, and serve others, the Lord will bless us with a greater confidence in His promises. We must set our hope in God and think long term, and as we think about what's good for the Kingdom of God, and not only what we think is good for us, we'll abound in hope. Because in reality, if we're part of the Kingdom, what's good for the Kingdom is good for us.xvii

i "God is the God of hope. He is the foundation on which our hope is built, and he is the builder that doth himself raise it; he is both the object of our hope, and the author of it. That hope is but fancy, and will deceive us, which is not fastened upon God (as the goodness hoped for, and the truth hoped in), and which is not of his working in us." Matthew Henry's commentary on Rom. 15:3
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Bitterness: An Addiction of the Soul

From Your Sacred Calling today:

By my husband, James McDonald, of Providence Church

“Pursue peace with all people, and holiness, without which no one will see the Lord: looking carefully lest anyone fall short of the grace of God; lest any root of bitterness springing up cause trouble, and by this many become defiled…” (Hebrews 12:14-15)

Bitterness is a common sin within the sons of Adam and the daughters of Eve. It is one we often try to hide, at least for a while. But bitterness, like holding one’s breath, can’t be detained for long. In the end, it overtakes us and becomes our constant focus. A most hated and beloved idol, bitterness is the cancer that consumes. It is a self-destructive sin that triggers an addictive adrenaline rush that floods our being. And, like most addictive behaviors, when out of control, it leads to our destruction.

I have seen the impact of bitterness throughout my life. As a first generation Christian, I grew up in dysfunctional home where bitterness reigned unchecked. My father was bitter against my grandfather for sending him to boarding schools rather than loving him. My mother was bitter against my father because of his alcoholism and abusive behavior. I saw bitterness growing in my siblings, a learned response from our parents. I felt the almost intoxicating pain of bitterness in my own soul. Reminiscing back on my younger days is a painful exercise, mostly because the memories are filled with the agonizing results of bitterness.

Learn where hope came from in this personal testimony and read the rest of this wonderful post here.

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Always Be Persuaded To Bless God

Some of you have waged battles against the flesh, works of repentance have been done, out of obedience to parents, to the Word, and it’s a work that needs to be acknowledged, praised, rejoiced over, and seen as valuable considering you’ve gone against the flow, perhaps sacrificing relationships which would have compromised you, purposely choosing fidelity to Christ, it's no small accomplishment. It was an excellent investment in your future, in yourself, for the household you live in now, so that you can wisely counsel as a Titus 2 (for the community of believers) and so that you have the perspectives, virtues and character, which will be needed to invest in a husband’s household and his work.

Are we thanking God for this victory? It was His accomplishment in reality.

When new hard perspectives hit us like, “Christian boys are flirting with substandard girls and I am being passed up!” be careful not to murmur against the Lord and say like the Israelites,
"Did you bring us out here to die in the wilderness? Was all this for nothing?" Be conscious of the fact that your faith is being tried.

What causes our faith which once brought us out of Egypt to fail when it could carry us further?

Guard against taking into your flesh the “Curse God and Die Syndrome”
Satan tempted Job’s wife to succumb to it and she did. He tempted Christ and he did not. Our first parents met with the same temptation and fell. David’s wife Michal had the syndrome fully imbibed.

When tormented with circumstances not of our choosing but none the less afflicting our souls…

Like when we see brothers fall into sin it is gut wrenching because we have a good doctrine and understand evil. We mourn the loss and could not do otherwise and keep our Christian integrity.

When we are mocked, railed against, when our piety is scoffed at, when for our faith and the application of our faith is belittled it is a weighty affliction to our souls because we know our Christian integrity is ours only by the grace of God.

When those closest to us curse God continually, feed their flesh, which revels in bitterness, and allow their resentment against God to spill over on us, they state where their allegiance lies and we bear the burden of their separation. It is tremendously lonely but for our Comforter’s integrity.

When those we respect blame us for their problems raising false accusations about our virtue compromise our reputations and futures it can be devastating because we are intimately familiar with a Savior that brought us out of our wretched state and made us able to stand with Christian integrity.

When we suffer monetary loss, when our needs aren't met, sickness comes, friends and family pass away, whatever it may be...

When we are tormented with afflictions it is so very tempting to imagine God as well as everyone else we know is doing nothing for our cause. That the great Sovereign is sleeping, inconsiderate, preoccupied with His selfish interests and not ours, right when we are so very needy.

Satan would have us curse God and curse the circumstances attributing to our affliction and those who seemingly brought them on us. He will move us subtly to it and it to us. The temptation is managed artfully and often manifests when the facing the afflictions exampled above. If we curse our circumstances, or curse those who seemingly brought on our circumstances we’ve cursed God and failed our test and often times misunderstood our circumstances.

To God Be True
Satan seduces in order that we would deny our allegiance to God. He wants to rob us of our Christian integrity. Christ, Job, Adam and Eve, and many since the dawn of creation were tempted in this way. We must bravely make good and pass the test and carry the day. We must bless God in all things though we are tried. It is for our soul’s defense to plant our flag in allegiance to Christ.

A Wise Christian Walks Circumspectly
We must anticipate and not let down our guard because battles are not waged with one arrow.

Also, be on guard against subtle thoughts, which are full of acute pain with regard to your want of reward for the services you’ve rendered the Saviour. When you coddle ideas of God being far off, when it seems to you He takes pleasure in making you miserable, of stripping you, scourging you without any provocation given, you will then leave off your love of him, of blessing him and serving him.

Some may moan, Some may curse, Some will rant and rail, Some may become a sober poet,

Dost thou not see that thy devotion’s vain?
What have thy prayers procured but woe and pain?
Hast thou not yet thy int’rest understood?
Perversely righteous, and absurdly good?
Those painful sores, and all thy losses, show
How Heaven regards the foolish saint below.
Incorrigibly pious! Can’t thy God
Reform thy stupid virtue with his rod?
—Sir R. Blackmore

But we must always be persuaded to bless God.

Satan continually suggests to us hard thoughts with regard to God, to our siblings, to our parents, to our church body. He would love it if we’d believe God envies our happiness and delights in the misery of His creatures. There is nothing more false.

If we do not resist such temptations we’ll think unrealistic evil of God, our siblings, our parents, our church body as we speculate about what we see them doing.

If we really are abased by our circumstances, it is more appropriate that we humble ourselves under the mighty hand of God and bring our minds to the meanness and poverty of our condition. We may indeed want for something. If God will lay us in the ashes thus we will be content to lie down. A low spirit becomes low circumstances and will help us to reconcile ourselves to them.

The Last Punch
The last hope we’re clinging to can turn sour; it might be our last friend, or our last hope in a promising circumstance. But we must be persuaded to bless God. He is working all things for our good.

Satan’s policy is to send his temptations by those who are dear to us. For example, Adam and Eve, Christ and Peter. Job’s wife suggests two of the blackest and most horrid of Satan’s temptations, “Dost thou still retain thine integrity? Curse God and Die.” What is the use in retaining your Christian integrity? The truth is Christ suffered and was repaid. Only fools cling to impiety when they could bless God and live.

But that is the very question we must answer, “Do you still retain your integrity? Why? What for?” This is not a hard question to answer and often we avoid it blaming those the tempter uses to make a diversion from ourselves. If in your heart you’ve compromised your Christian integrity hoping after that which is not good, or that which is good but you’ve not earned, repent.

Always be persuaded to bless God, keep your integrity, and be obstinate in your religion so no temptation can cure you of it. Resent the temptation. Be indignant at such a temptation. Abhor the thought of it.

Christ gave us an example when He said, “Get thee behind me Satan” and in so doing he showed us a constant resolve to cleave to God and think only good of Him.

Righteously Indignant
Only those who are angry and are without sin IN their anger, are those who are angry only AT sin and take a temptation as the greatest affront. They are those who cannot bear those who are truly evil. Remember the temptation came from Satan so resist the temptation to think evil, lower your standard, or cling to false standards.

If those who we know are wise and good speak foolishness or act foolishly reproof is necessary and we are faithful to show them the evil in private appropriate ways. (Galatians 6:1, Matt. 18:15-20) If God puts us in a situation where we have to ward off personally directed attack, affront, and/or temptation we should also endeavor to be convincing of why we should hold to our integrity. Whether we are stripped of everything else or not.

To think evil and curse your brothers and sisters in Christ is a wholly a different matter than righteous indignation. Discern between a restoring and cursing. Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. Are you offering the fruit of the Curse God And Die Syndrome? If so, keep the wretched distemper to yourself and repent. If not, bless God as the affront comes and speak sound biblical truth to the matter.

The Dividing Line Of Responsibility
Job's wife failed but Job did not.
Thus, in a good measure, Job still held fast his integrity, and Satan’s design against him was defeated: In all this did not Job sin with his lips; he not only said this well, but all he said at this time was under the government of religion and right reason. In the midst of all these grievances he did not speak a word amiss; and we have no reason to think but that he also preserved a good temper of mind, so that, though there might be some stirrings and risings of corruption in his heart, yet grace got the upper hand and he took care that the root of bitterness might not spring up to trouble him, Heb. 12:15. -Matthew Henry on Job 2
The lessons from Genesis with regard to our first parents fall tell us that if we follow temptation into sin we alone bear the punishment. Adam blamed his wife but she was not responsible for his sin and so he bore his own punishment and she hers.

He fashions us,
A wise Christian will make good use of affliction. Both blessings and curses come from the hand of God. They are contrary to each other but they do not come from a contrary source or with a contrary cause and so in all things we can be persuaded to bless God. We must have our eyes on him, with thankfulness for the good He sends and without anxiety over the evil. We must prove that we know how to be abased as well as how to abound. Why are we surprised when we are tried? It is God who promised that we are His workmanship, that He would continually fashion us. What is it that strengthens us other than resistance? Character is built in the struggle. We are taught just how valuable God’s mercies are when we are being made to go without them. When the time comes in which we may abound when man’s folly usually turns to boasting we’ll have ingrained humility and be the just and wise stewards most cannot be. Afflictions cause us to partake in God’s holiness because when the abundance of your heart is for God it will produce good things and will suppress the evil that is there.

Always Be Persuaded To Bless God!

Adapted from Matthew Henry's Commentary on Job 2.

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Sing With Me! Hymn & History...

Come, Thou almighty King,
Help us Thy Name to sing,
Help us to praise!
Father all glorious, O’er all victorious,
Come, and reign over us,
Ancient of Days!

Come, Thou Incarnate Word,
Gird on Thy mighty sword,
Our prayer attend:
Come, and Thy people bless,
And give Thy word success;
Spirit of holiness,
On us descend!

Come, Holy Comforter,
Thy sacred witness bear,
In this glad hour:
Thou who almighty art,
Now rule in every heart,
And ne’er from us depart,
Spirit of power!

To Thee, great One in Three,
Eternal praises be,
Hence, evermore:
Thy sovereign majesty,
May we in glory see,
And to eternity Love and adore!

Words: Some sources show the author as “anonymous.” Others credit Charles Wesley, 1757. The words appeared in George White field’s Collection of Hymns for Social Worship, 1757.

Music: Italian Hymn, Felice de Giardini, in The Collection of Psalm and Hymn Tunes Sung at the Chapel of the Lock Hospital, 1769. De Giardini wrote the music specifically for this hymn. Alternate tune: America, Thesaurus Musicus, 1744

In the days of the American Revolution a congregation of patriotic colonists were worshiping in their church on Long Island when the service was interrupted by the arrival of a company of Hessian troops. The captain stalked up the aisle and commanded the people to sing “God Save the King.” The organist started the tune that we call “America”; but the people, true to the cause of the American colonies and to their God, sang this hymn.

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It is with strong conviction that I write

A School Principal's Letter Of Resignation
Posted by: Scott Brown

My friend Mike Metarko recently resigned his post as principal of Hanover Elementary School in Bethlehem, PA.

His resignation letter tells the story of why he would do such a radical thing and abandon what has been his livelihood for many years.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is with strong conviction that I write this letter as my formal resignation effective Thursday, July 1, 2010 from my position as Principal of Hanover Elementary School, where I have devoted the last five of my 14 years in the Bethlehem Area School District. Though there is no job at present to which I will be going, God has clearly persuaded me through His Word and through my research into the foundations of our educational system that I must end my career in public education.

For the last fourteen years, I have worked diligently to be the “salt and light” spoken of in Matthew 5:13, but I have realized that while I am plugging up pinholes in the dike that holds back the tumultuous waters of public education, the improperly laid foundation has been eroding beneath our feet. God states, “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge” (Proverbs 1:7a). This means that neither God nor moral character can be separated from true education; in fact, the glorification of God and the building of Biblical moral character must be the basis of true education. In the words of Benjamin Rush, Signer of the Declaration of Independence, “We profess to be republicans [in form of government], and yet we neglect the only means of establishing and perpetuating our republican forms of government, that is, the universal education of our youth in the principles of Christianity by the means of the Bible. For this Divine Book, above all others, favors that equality among mankind, that respect for just laws, and those sober and frugal virtues, which constitute the soul of republicanism.”

But what have we done? We have thrown God, Bibles and prayer out of our schools based upon an inaccurate interpretation of the “Separation clause”, while openly proselytizing the religion of Secular Humanism (Smith v. Board of School Commissioners of Mobile County, Ala). We have divorced morality from education and focused only on what special interest groups perceive as the “right” content knowledge. We manage the masses at the expense of the individual. As with most educators in the system, I have been sincere in my efforts to apply the doctrines of those we call the founding fathers of education, but I have realized that I have been sincerely wrong. My research into the real philosophies and beliefs behind men such as Rousseau, Dewey, Hall, etc. has opened my eyes. I am now aware that not only have I not been working for God, I have been working in complete opposition to Him. I mistakenly thought I was on neutral ground: there is no neutral territory.

That said; let me assure you that my argument is not against those I have worked with for the past 14 years. I have a love for my colleagues and friends; most are wonderful teachers of a curriculum they have been given, most truly love the children and will do anything for them, most sincerely try to improve our children, our city, our nation. But we have all taken our eye off the mark of what the chief end of man is. The nation’s statist system of public education is the real issue.

The Bible is overwhelmingly clear in that the primary responsibility in educating a child rests with the parents (Deuteronomy 6, Ephesians 6:4, etc.). We need parents to be parents once again, families to be families once again, fathers to be the father and leader, mothers to be the mother and nurturer. It does not “take a village to raise a child”; it takes a family entrusted with the Word of God. Our children are not to be wards of the State; on the contrary, they are creations of a God of love, justice, and redemption who loves us so much He sent Christ to die for us so that if we believe in Him and profess Him as Lord and Savior, He will grant us eternal life. He does not need us, but we need Him. He has given us the roadmap to life and to education: the Bible. I pray that He may manifest Himself in your life as he has clearly done so in mine.


Michael J. Metarko

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Colin Gunn Is Coming To Town

IndoctriNation Trailer from IndoctriNation on Vimeo.

History Belongs To God

"Every non-biblical philosophy of history ends by destroying both man and history. It begins by trying to give a better meaning to history than the one eternity provides, and it ends by robbing history of any human meaning and man of his manhood. In taking counsel against God and His decree, man effectually hurts only himself, not God." ~R. J Rushdoony, The Biblical Philosophy of History
We recently attended the Texas Faith and Freedom Tour hosted by Vision Forum. It was absolutely exceptional! We went away with a rich history of the state we've been called to, a perspective of God as the author of it and a strengthened vision, as we love sharing with others that history belongs to God. The particular attention God has paid to Texas by way of His providential intervention is so very rich.

Moses Austin monument in San Antonio, Tx
Moses Austin, by Providential aid, opened a new chapter in the history of North America clearing the way for the migration of Anglo Americans into Texas.

The vision Moses would cast for his son Stephen caused the continuation of the colonization project in Texas. Moses was quite careful of the education of his son taking into account that though he had certain aspirations he must also acknowledge God's design and intent for his son. He instructed him to be diligent and redeem the time building himself by his education a foundation for future greatness. It was also his father's concern that he show himself an excellent steward of the money entrusted to him proving his father's standard for sensible expenditures and taking care to avoid frivolity. Instruction was given for whom he should associate with and whom he should avoid.
"Boys lessen [their] greatness in life by small things which at the moment they think of little or no Consequence."
Stephen became the man his father hoped to mold. His companion in business, the convictions his father ingrained in his youth, served them both in the colonization project. In spite of difficulties and uncertainty Stephen inspired others to help him completed the project. He is now known as "The Father of Texas" and is remembered by having the capital city named for him.
"Your father had completed all his business in this quarter much more to his satisfaction than he ever expected to do...Moreover, his arrangements for the Texas adventure had taken shape much to his satisfaction. Everyone has the highest opinion of his plans and many only waiting till thay [they] know he has made the Establishment when they mean to follow him. Several young men has already gown [gone] and many now waiting to start with him." wrote Maria to her son. Stephen would have to take it from there. The momentum, the hardest part of any project, had been created. Stephen, who had once doubted, had at the moment of his father's death secured the financial underpinning needed to lay his Texas project on a firm foundation. His mother would later write, "truly rejoiced to find you [Stephen's] prospects in Tex[a]s are So much more flattering than I had and Idea of."
Doug Phillips instructs us in front of the Moses Austin Monument.

Coming on this tour we were excited to make a comparison to the government education we received as children. The 3-day tour was thoroughly edifying for the mind and spirit. It was excellent to be encouraged toward further sanctification, have our courage bolstered for our family vision and hear lectures full of wisdom wrapped around the uncompromisable standard of family discipleship. We were blessed to learn together, pray together, and be challenged to a godly end.

Our government school education didn't afford us a perspective of history which served us well into our adult years. History for us was meaningless, devoid of God and godliness and therefore of little value. Our teachers succeeded in conditioning us rather than educating us. We became malleable as was their hopes and determined that life, our very history was one of an evolving nature upon which we'd ride the tides with little control or purpose. But the truth of the matter is God was just as sovereign over us then as He is now. And as He has acted in a Providential manner with regard to us redeeming us and our futures, we can also act in a providential manner on our own behalf and for others.

Outside the Spanish Governor's Palace.

Bill Potter listens as Wesley Strackbein shares principles of manly leadership in front of the Benjamin Rush Milam Statue. "Men follow courage as in the case with David and Goliath, and Johnathan and his armor bearer against the Philistines."

"Who will follow old Ben Milam into San Antonio?" was the cry of the leading figure in the Texas War For Independence. Milam understood men follow courage. Texans known for their independent spirit wouldn't take instruction, only leadership. They couldn't be commanded, only inspired by a point man. If you weren't going to fight with them they wouldn't follow. Ben Milam was a quiet man until battle. In 1835 Milam journeyed to Monclova in order to meet with the Governor on business with regard to land titles. While he was there Santa Anna overthrew the representative government of Mexico, established dictatorship and was en route to Texas with an army. Milam tried to flee but was caught and imprisoned. But it was not God's plan that he remain captive. Milam was able to escape aided by jailers and headed for the Texas border. Providentially Milam encountered a company of soldiers from whom he heard of a movement for Texas independence. Joining them he helped in the capture of Goliad and then with them joined the main army to capture San Antonio. He lead a house to house battle prior to leading men into San Antonio and when the time came to rally the troops he was able.
While returning from a scouting mission in the southwest on December 4, 1835, Milam learned that a majority of the army had decided not to attack San Antonio as planned but to go into winter quarters. Convinced that this decision would be a disaster for the cause of independence, Milam then made his famous, impassioned plea: "Who will go with old Ben Milam into San Antonio?" Three hundred volunteered, and the attack, which began at dawn on December 5, ended on December 9 with the surrender of Gen. Martín Perfecto de Cos and the Mexican army
In 1835 he was killed by a sniper just as the Texas Revolution was getting underway but his leadership was the catalyst for his fellow Texans to retake San Antonio.

The Cypress tree from which a sniper shot down Ben Milam.

San Fernando Cathedral
In 1835 Mexican canons stood on the roof during the siege of Bexar. After the battle the Texans flew a flag of victory from it.

From a tower of San Fernando Cathedral General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna ordered the blood red flag of "no quarter" raised at the beginning of the battle of the Alamo. The banner was a signal to the men inside the Alamo that they would be shown no mercy.

Historian Bill Potter in the Alamo gardens.

Other visitors to the Alamo gathered around to hear. "The time of crisis will come, will you be able to stand? What battles have our father's fought? How will we preserve them? What are we willing to die for? And what are we willing to live for. "

The defenders of the Alamo under estimated the Mexicans because they had no respect for them. Santa Anna was arrogant He waited 13 days and attacked in the predawn dark. The first 15 minutes probably amassed the most casualties on both sides. The battle probably lasted about an hour. The battle of the Alamo inspired many Texians to join the Texian Army. "Great men do not emerge out of a vacuum" the Texians defeated the Mexican Army at the Battle of San Jacinto, on April 21, 1836.

Heroes of the Alamo Bonham and Bowie

Travis and Crockett

Inside the historic Menger Hotel

Having tried my hand at stained glass I have incredible appreciation for this work of art, the ceiling of the Menger lobby.

An amazing museum inside and out, the Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum is 3 floors full of interactive exhibits telling the stories of Texas history. I would have to say that my favorite was the reconstruction of an early pioneer home. We were able to walk inside a covered area which adjoined two small rooms making for the complete homestead. That area, interestingly enough, served as a place to cook in the Summer, not a bad idea in Texas, and a place to keep animals in Winter, the more bodies the better. Be sure to plan for plenty of time to see it all. It's a must visit!
Watch this short video for a glimpse of what we saw.


Inside the state capital.
The dome within bears an 8 foot star, the letters are 15 inches tall. The architecture throughout is beautiful.

It becomes incredibly exciting to see how mighty is our God when we study history. The great things He has accomplished by one perfectly fashioned act after another proves that He owns history. Man cannot live without meaning or a vision for victory and He's given it to us. Man also cannot live with the statist redefinition of 'meaning' and 'victory.' "Go to our schools, get a 'good' education and get a 'good' job, and you're successful. Be our slave and serve our social order on our terms." Defending, preserving, and sharing the history which belongs to God is of supreme importance.
"Fired with her love of liberty and the zeal of the volunteer, with her own hands made a beautiful lone star flag and presented it to the Georgia Battalion..."

Another favorite, the pioneer homestead and museum of Fredricksberg Below are a few kitchen conveniences...enjoy!

It's a crock pot!

Thanking God especially for this particular providence, a waffle iron.
Waffle Irons have a dutch origin coming to America in the 1620's.
Please pass the syrup.

Sausage suffer

This a more modern kitchen has the same blue walls as in the photos above. laundry bluing was added to the whitewash to create the cheery effect.

On the Texas Faith & Freedom Tour our guides did just that. They are wise and seasoned Christians who present history through a biblical lens constantly sharing inescapable truths and notable Providences. There is really no comparison to the history offered by government schools which has no transcendental meaning. Our guides reiterated again and again we are tied to the God of the past who according to the Word is sovereign over all, having already worked toward an end to bring Himself glory. The God of our future is the God of our past.

Get your copy of A Line In The Sand and hear the many providential events which shaped Texas history. Also for books to accompany your audio tour visit our history resources section.

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Film Friendships Fortified

When you work together on a film set relationships are fortified. It is no small or easy task and the blessings of such an adventure are friendships that has been tested and proven. Our father always taught us as young girls that in the course of our lives there would be many we'd call friends many who we'd want to have as friends but the reality in the end would reveal that there would be a rare few who would prove themselves deserving of the title. (Proverbs 18:24) He was trying to explain to a crying young girl the shallow vanity of fair weather friendships. This meant for us not only how to walk wisely in our relationships but more importantly it revealed to us that if we were going to be worthy of the title ourselves we'd have to prove ourselves too.

There are those of you out there who we now have difficulty parting from without tears. We thank you for your character, for blessing us with your friendship; we're honored. We're also looking forward to seeing you all again here shortly at the SAICFA and festival.

We are encouraged to have the opportunity to come together again, to be thinking ahead about the future of this great industry, how we can share with others the experiences we've had, what we've learned and see if we can't cause the momentum which has started to continue and to pick up the pace! We're excited to be a part of it all and just wanted to say thank you for your investment as well.