Friday, July 09, 2010

Unto the Least of These: Swanson and Sproul Share on Ministering to Special Needs Children

An update from the Baby Conference just posted, talks about a story which our family heard Mr. Swanson deliver several years ago. Since then I have recommended it many times as a source of encouragement to those finding themselves in varying difficult situations. I am so thankful for a message of resolve in the face of a culture of death, when the weakest among us are preyed upon, when the break down of the family leaves many vulnerable. Since it is such an important message and a favorite of mine....

Be sure to stay tuned for the updated version. It is an incredibly inspiring talk calling us to embrace the difficulties God calls us to, trusting him and learning to love what God loves, how God loves in contradistinction to the ideals of our culture. We are called to circumstances such as these. In the midst of difficulties, temptations and trials we find that God has perfectly orchestrated opportunity for our sanctification, for the strengthening of the church, and to stand against the masses who have embraced a culture of death in so doing offering a testimony of faith rarely seen.

From Doug's Blog:

In “Suffer the Children: How to Love Those Children Who Are Rejected by the Culture of Death”, Kevin Swanson and R.C. Sproul Jr. shared moving personal testimonies of caring for disabled children that God has placed in their lives.

Kevin Swanson contrasted the stories of Dylan and Simon, two handicapped four-year-old boys in the Denver area. Dylan’s case was highlighted in a Denver Post article titled, “Two Parents Face an Agonizing Test of Faith and Love for Their Son.” The article described how Dylan’s parents deprived their son of food and starved him to death after twenty-one days. Regrettably, the newspaper characterized the parent’s choice to murder their son in a positive light.

In contrast to this horror story, Kevin told of how Reformation Church, where he serves as an elder, has rallied in support of Simon, a handicapped boy who suffers from nearly the exact same disabilities as Dylan: blindness, a lack of mobility, and the need for multiple surgeries. Yet rather than suggest that Simon’s life is not worth living, the families at Reformation Church have ministered to him, Kevin explained, even as their lives have been blessed be him amidst his frailty. Kevin charged the audience to “define love God’s way” — and to gladly bear the cross of sacrifice for the weak and infirm.

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Haughstuff said...

Wonderful post! Both of our children were born very early, and very sick. The doctors insisted that our daughters prenatal testing came back that she had down's syndrom, and wanted to discuss our "options". Our response was a horrified "NO"once we figured out what he meant!

Well, God is ever merciful, and she was born without downs syndrome! Except for some small problems, both are now (at 4 and 1) very healthy!

I just can't imagine how parents coulde starve a child to death, and call it "mercy." That is murder!