Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tonight Begins The Great Authors Webinar Series!

This evening, across the country, families will be gathering together in living rooms and dens with books and notepads in hand to listen in while Doug Phillips shares his insight on the importance of poetry. It is not too late to join!

Great men are masterful with their words and masters of their thoughts.

It is the influence of excellent thoughts that are captive to the Word of God that cultivate the greatest desires and influential actions. They put iron in our blood or bring us to merciful ends, they lead us to inspire and cause us to be daring, by them we can be all sweetness, arouse wit, and make use of creativity. It is a well spoken word that can counsel us when there is none other to support our vision.

In a culture that encourages us to harness emotions and thoughts that are not reconciled to the Word of God, merely taking control of ones own mind makes us an oddity. Daily renewing them and sharpening them makes us superior but it is with great effort, when we seek to push forth the vision, that excellent thoughts become a great advantage, a means of great encouragement, and cause us to create the tide upon which culture will flow.

Attendees will be encouraged as they hear how to cultivate vision, an essential ability for leaders!

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