Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Orphaned kids going home – to America

Port-au-Prince, HAITI – Pat Leyndecker is a happy man.

Just days ago, he received word from the State Department that the decks had finally been cleared to go to Haiti and retrieve three children who had been matched with his family for adoption.

He gathers with his children at the Haiti Children Rescue Mission outside of Port-au-Prince and prepares them to leave the country. The children say goodbye to their fellow orphans. If all goes well the next morning at the United States Embassy, they will be on a jet for America by evening time.

It has been a long three-year journey for Pat, a journey dominated by waiting, green lights, red lights and never-ending bureaucratic red tape. Prayer and confidence in God's will has sustained his family through this unprecedented emotional roller coaster.

One of the most draconian of the Haitian adoption measures Pat has encountered during his adoption pursuit is the requirement that, because he already has biological children, the president of Haiti himself has to sign-off on the papers before the adoptive children are permitted to leave the country.

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