Saturday, February 06, 2010

Arise You Men Of Texas!

Based on Pastor Bacon's sermon last week on Romans 13:1-7 I came up with this concept. In his sermon he gave excellent points for building this design.
  • Two goals of government are to maintain peace and virtue
  • Legislating morality
  • Reward Virtue
  • Plunder of land, wealth, life
  • Non-resistance of the constitution
  • Current responsibilities that are under attack: self defense, life of the unborn, establishing an estate, submission to authority.
Matthew Henry states on Romans 13 that Christians are known as a sect that turned the world upside down. In reality they righted it and they do so out of a love for peace and virtue which is the reality of our religion.

  • fore father looking into the future which is dark
  • husband leaving family to defend liberty and restore peace and order. We have many history lessons in this regard
  • path leading away from the 'O' shows men leaving to restore order.
  • the 'O' creates a mini world and symbolizes the coveted jurisdiction of the current administration
  • open carry firearms represented
  • land, property, life represented
  • historical lessons Alamo (seen in the patriarch and the very top line) & liberty tree
  • family order established in patriarchal orthopraxy
  • anti-egalitarian in dress and demeanor
  • supporting verse with an equally inspiring address
  • liberty tree outgrowing the confines of the "o"
  • a picture that speaks that we must be subject not out of fear but out of a love of virtue
  • Wife and children wearing red and pink reflect the ideals of a man's heart turned toward home.
Listen to the sermon here.
Or purchase when available here.

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