Wednesday, January 06, 2010

It's not a sacrifice, it's an investment

"It's not a sacrifice, it's an investment." ~Jenny Belle Crowe

The price of freedom. It is of the most ironic nature that in a woman's life, giving up egalitarianism and feminism seems like such a sacrifice, when really it is an investment in herself, her family, her church body, her country, her progeny. Faith and obedience to God's established role and duties for women is not only freedom in and of itself. But quite often holding onto that ground we christian women have fought for in building a culture of biblical womanhood in the face of feminists who would tell us to give it up, that it's easier to mother a man, to take care of things yourself, to be independent, etc. often means a greater investment is needed if we truly believe that God's Word is the ultimate authority in which we put our faith and by which we determine our duties. We hold to this with greater conviction, in spite of temptation, toil, and other mean circumstances because it's not a sacrifice, it's an investment. Our hope is that God will reap Glory by our faithfulness and obedience.


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Claire said...

I really enjoy your blog, and have been leisurely going through the archives and photos. I absolutely love how upbeat you two are! I've just started my own blog for older at-home daughters (I'm 28, myself) and it's so refreshing to see you two blessing your parents' home with your faithful industry in your adult years. Keep up the good work, and know that you're an encouraging light to like-minded women of your age group bucking the modern trends. God bless you both!

~ Claire