Saturday, October 31, 2009

Luther's 95 Theses

If he have faith, the believer cannot be restrained. He betrays himself. He breaks out. He confesses and teaches this gospel to the people at the risk of life itself.~Martin Luther

Disputation on the Power and Efficacy of Indulgences Commonly Known as The 95 Theses by Dr. Martin Luther

Out of love and concern for the truth, and with the object of eliciting it, the following heads will be the subject of a public discussion at Wittenberg under the presidency of the reverend father, Martin Luther, Augustinian, Master of Arts and Sacred Theology, and duly appointed Lecturer on these subjects in that place. He requests that whoever cannot be present personally to debate the matter orally will do so in absence in writing.

1. When our Lord and Master, Jesus Christ, said "Repent", He called for the entire life of believers to be one of repentance.

2. The word cannot be properly understood as referring to the sacrament of penance, i.e. confession and satisfaction, as administered by the clergy.

3. Yet its meaning is not restricted to repentance in one's heart; for such repentance is null unless it produces outward signs in various mortifications of the flesh.

4. As long as hatred of self abides (i.e. true inward repentance) the penalty of sin abides, viz., until we enter the kingdom of heaven.

5. The pope has neither the will nor the power to remit any penalties beyond those imposed either at his own discretion or by canon law.

6. The pope himself cannot remit guilt, but only declare and confirm that it has been remitted by God; or, at most, he can remit it in cases reserved to his discretion. Except for these cases, the guilt remains untouched.

7. God never remits guilt to anyone without, at the same time, making him humbly submissive to the priest, His representative.

8. The penitential canons apply only to men who are still alive, and, according to the canons themselves, none applies to the dead.

9. Accordingly, the Holy Spirit, acting in the person of the pope, manifests grace to us, by the fact that the papal regulations always cease to apply at death, or in any hard case.

10. It is a wrongful act, due to ignorance, when priests retain the canonical penalties on the dead in purgatory.

Read the rest here.

Spotted! Stay-at-home daughter delights in cottage works! She works willingly with her hands...

Ah, the Life.... Erin Elizabeth, a stay-at-home daughter, is home educated and lives with her parents in Connecticut where she enjoys working together with her 6 siblings to create beautiful and useful specialty goods like stationary, bags, doll gowns and jewelry all available at Rose Campbell's Cottageworks.

The name Rose Campbell was inspired by the heroine of one of Louisa May Alcott's fine books, Eight Cousins and Rose in Bloom. Who as an orphaned 13 year old girl, learns to stop pitying herself and start serving others, even in the smallest of ways, and in the most ignoble of places.

She stretcheth out her hand to the poor; yea, she reacheth forth her hands to the needy. Proverbs 31:20

A visit to Rose Campbell's Cottage Works provide you not only with delightful moderately priced gifts to peruse but the atmosphere Erin has created is excellent! There are quotes to muse upon, gracious customer service, and an over all air of delight. You'll enjoy your visit. I did.

Also, be sure to visit her blog to get to know her better and for some deeper richer thoughts.

Click over to Rose Campbell's Cottage Works to see for your self.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Homeschool Dropouts

Kelly and I were not home educated, she receiving the entirety and I the majority of our “educations” in government schools. Notwithstanding, we see this as an incredibly important film.

When we look at the children of the homeschool movement, we see amazing amounts of talent, creativity, potential and the abundant blessings they have received. Just their ability to and the speed in which they learn sometimes floors us. Our experience was vastly different from this. We wasted years sitting in classrooms where we were trained to accept a life of mental, spiritual and physical captivity, to passively stay within the parameters of the slot we had been assigned in life and to allow an existence of perpetual boredom and ignorance in which it was understood that “good people” wait for an expert to tell them what to do. But God, in his mercy, redeemed us from this situation and it’s because of this that home education has become an important topic to our family. As our father has often said, the system in our nation, which includes the government schools, is designed for our failure. One doesn’t have to look far into the disaster that is our culture to see the truth of this. We are suffering the painful results of departing from God’s Word on education and discipleship. It is our strong belief that a sound, Biblical understanding of education, carried out, is one of the most important foundations of cultural reformation. As the Proverb says, “In the fear of the LORD is strong confidence: and his children shall have a place of refuge.”Prov. 14:26

Homeschool Dropouts is a message that will convict you, inspire you, and, by God’s grace, safeguard the investment and sacrifice of home education’s pioneering parents. This is a message that every Christian should watch, pause and consider.

“Ponder the path of thy feet, and let all thy ways be established. Turn not to the right hand nor to the left: remove thy foot from evil.” Prov. 4:26-27

Monday, October 26, 2009

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Graceful, Gracious Women of God

There's something lacking in the young women in our society today. I know the usual lack people point out is modesty, but that's only part of the problem. Even modestly dressed women don't know how to carry themselves. We slouch. We're loud. We're obnoxious. Or we can't think of what on earth to say, so we giggle. A lot.

I love the part in Proverbs 31 that says "strength and dignity are her clothing." I admire those qualities. Strength. Strength given to us by a confidence in the Lord, to weather all of the storms of life. And dignity. Webster's 1828 dictionary describes it as "true honor, a nobleness or elevation of the mind." Contrast that with Proverbs 11:22:
"Like a gold ring in a pig's snout is a beautiful woman without discretion."
Women who fear the Lord are to have a certain attitude and air about them that distinguishes them from the world. I always think of it as a quiet contentment, a peaceful assurance. When my mother walks into a room, for instance, you don't hear her voice before you see her. What makes her presence known is her gracious attitude, her careful speech -her gracefulness.

So, how do we become graceful, gracious women of God? I'll let you know when I get there. But as we journey together, I can definitely say that the first step is letting go of the pride that produces self-consciousness. Second, focus your attentions on others, and how to bless and serve them, not to boost your reputation. Third, be mindful of your surroundings, and make sure your actions are appropriate (what's all right on the front lawn isn't okay in the ballroom). Fourth, ask the most gracious woman you know to help you; in my case, it's my mom. Fifth, take correction graciously, and modify your behavior accordingly (if that gracious woman tells you it's rude to smack your gum, don't get up in arms -just spit the gum out. And sixth, remember why it is you want to portray contented biblical femininity -because you know it's precious to the Lord.

Read Jasmine's wonderful post in it's entirety here.

Recommended Resources
How To Be A Lady
Strength & Dignity
Raising Maidens of Virtue
A Young Ladies Guide to the Harmonious Development of Christian Character
The Godly Femininity Set

A gracious woman retaineth honour: and strong men retain riches Proverbs 11:16

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tall Double Shot Latte Extra Gossip

"It may be that a truly disciplined person gets up and goes directly to work, but I've accepted that I'm not that kind of person. So after the kids go to school, I give myself an hour each morning to head down to the coffee shop and gossip I have always loved this part of the day. Once I spoke with an anthropologist who told me that while gossiping often has a negative connotation, most of us use it to simply connect with one another. I always loved this idea and so I cherish that hour, when I enjoy the small things that make the world a nice place to live- good coffee, a cozy place to sit, and listening to other peoples business."- Rebecca Barry, Author of: Later, At The Bar. Quote courtesy of Real Simple, November 2009 issue.
"How to find gratification and relaxation by making 'gossip time' part of your daily routine! An interesting twist on the subject? How about a godless, self-serving and frankly horrible view on the subject.

Here is what God's word has to say- and may He give us a taste for what is pure and good, not what is gratifying in the moment:

'The words of a whisperer are like delicious morsels, they go down into the inner parts of the body.' -Psalm 18:8

'Whoever covers an offense seeks love, but he who repeats a matter separates friends.' -Psalm 17:9"

~Kelly Bradrick, wife to Peter, home schooling mother of 3.

“Don’t be the Devil’s bellows any longer to blow up the fires of strife. Leave off setting people by the ears. If you do not cut off a bit of your tongues, at least season them with the salt of grace. Praise God more and blame neighbors less. Any goose can cackle; any fly can find out a sore place; any empty barrel can give forth sound; any brier can tear a man’s flesh. No flies will go down your throat if you keep your mouth shut and no evil speaking will come up. Think much, but say little; be quick at work and slow at talk; and above all, ask the great Lord to set a watch over your lips.” ~Charles Spurgeon

Gossip is the great destroyer of families, communities, and local churches. And the Bible has much to say about this form of verbal murder. Now, in this Scripture-saturated message, Scott Brown defines and diagnoses the problem of gossip, unveils the spiritual devastation it leaves behind, and explains the scriptural remedy and the blessings which accompany following God’s commands regarding the use of the tongue.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Family Economics Conference 2010!!

Right now, profound social and cultural shifts are driving political and economic changes that will impact every family in America in the next several decades. Failing to understand the times and take necessary steps to address these changes may very well result in the destruction of your family.

We have an opportunity unparalleled in this nation's history. The faulty economic system we have inherited from our great grandparents is failing. The salvific promises of a Messianic State will come to nothing. But this is just the time to rebuild our family economies on Biblical principles. Equipped with a Biblical vision, families will not only survive during these difficult economic times, but thrive!

The Family Economics Conference is designed to equip families to address the practical economic issues that come up in everyday family life. In presenting a vision, we hope to provide intensely practical applications for building a Biblical family economy in the areas of:

Work Family entrepreneurship
Debt free living Contractual employment
InheritanceBeing a faithful employee
Taking care of aging parentsLiving without social security
Saving and investments Retirement
Family charityEducation and mentorship
TaxationHealth care decisions and insurance
TithingSeeking employment

Raising dominion-oriented daughters

You simply cannot afford to miss this conference!

We have drawn from the foremost authors and speakers who have themselves implemented what they write and speak on in their own household economies. How did they pay off their homes? How did they start their own family economies? How did they care for their elderly parents and homeschool their children at the same time? How did they raise dominion-oriented daughters? How did they mentor young men for a calling in life? How did they exempt themselves from social security while at the same time providing an inheritance for their children's children?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Watch Mr. Botkin on AFA Channel Tonight.

This evening, Geoffrey Botkin, will be a guest on the American Family Association’s live two-and-a-half hour webcast “American Education – Do You Know What You’re Paying For?” Listen here, from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. (CT).

From the press release:

AFA promotes a Christian’s role in education

American Family Association (AFA) will be sponsoring a live webcast tonight providing a two-and-a-half hour look at the issues that challenge Christians regarding the education of their children.

“The problems facing education in our nation – as well as the options available for solving those problems – are numerous,” said AFA president, Tim Wildmon. “AFA is committed to helping Christian parents and other caregivers navigate through education’s troubled waters.”

The program, American Education – Do You Know What You’re Paying For? will air at 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 pm (CT).

Topics will include the biblical foundation for education; the history of modern education; current issues and philosophies in the classroom; and how parents can choose the best options for their children.

American Education will be hosted by AFR Talk’s Crane Durham. In-studio guests will include Geoffrey Botkin, Western Conservatory of the Arts and Sciences; and William J. Federer, author, speaker, commentator, historian and president of Amerisearch, Inc. Also joining the broadcast will be Congressman Todd Akin (R-MO); Congressman Pete Hoekstra (R-MI); and Dr. Ken Hamm, president and CEO, Answers in Gensis, and others.

The webcast will also take phone calls and comments/questions from the website from 9:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. (CT). Registration for the webcast is free at register now for the free live webcast.

It's too hard. I'm going to do it.

I know the basic knit stitch and purl stitch. I have knit wash cloths and a square small baby blanket. Now, to test my needle prowess. On to scarier things.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Spotted! Content, Industrious, Visionary Entrepreneurial Daughters!

Ah, the Life.... Two stay at home daughters Breezy and Emily Rose were home educated and live with their parents in Indiana where they enjoy working together to create art that proclaims Christ’s Kingship and inspires young ladies in pursuing godliness, virtue, and love for home and family.

Together they've created Noble Rose Press, home of Daughters of His Story Paper Dolls! They're wonderful artistry proclaims Christ’s Kingship and inspires young ladies in pursuing godliness, virtue, and love for home and family.

Click over to Noble Rose Press to see for your self.

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Think, Think, Think... Oct. 4th 2009

When Queens Ride By
"Heavy? This ladder? I wish I didn't ever lift anything heavier than this. After hoistin' bushel baskets of tomatoes onto a wagon, this feels light to me."
Matthew Henry on Jude

Family Reformation: The Legacy of Sola Scriptura in Calvin's Geneva: Chapter 9 & 10
Feminists tell us that a wife under submission is a doormat and a clave. Calvin believed otherwise. He viewed a wife's submission as a wonderful grace and her finest contribution to her husband. For Calvin, a wife was a tool in the hand of the Lord to be a comfort and help to her husband as the "inseparable associate of his life"
[Calvin's] words are stern warnings for us who live in a time of severe threats to anyone who desires to preserve marriage. We are confronted with rampant virtual adultery through multiple media outlets and are surrounded by a Christian culture which is sensitive to those things which light the fires that burn marriages to the ground.
The Rot of Religion...the idolatry of Self-Love.
There is this difference between self-love and the love of God: self-love divides interests. Self stands by itself, and has a separated and divided interest, the interest of self, which is the interest of none else; and self-love, in seeking its own interest, seeks the interest of none else, neither that of Christ nor men. The love of God unites interests. He who loves God, the things of God and his own things are the same. He counts nothing his own things but those that are also the things of God; and when he is seeking God, he is then most seeking his own. God is his own, and he counts nothing his own but what is also the Lord's. When he seeks God, he therein seeks his own, and where he seeks his own he therein seeks God. His soul is his own, and the interest and prosperity of soul are the things of God.

The Five Points of Calvinism: Defined, Defended, Documented
You may say, "Telling them the Truth is the highest form of love." and I will agree. but, add, "Beloved, let us not love in word only, but in word and in deed," How you tell the truth and how you practice the truth make the difference. Deeds of real love accompanying vital evangelism are often woefully missing from Reformed students of the Bible. Kinder, gentler Calvinism driven buy demonstrative love seems to be a rare commodity. It ought not to be. Calvinism, above all other understandings of the Bible, rests on the only true foundation for preaching about the loving God who has sovereignly guaranteed the success of the Gospel.
A Divine Cordial By Thomas Watson
Discontent is an ungrateful sin, because we have more mercies than afflictions; and it is an irrational sin, because afflictions work for our good.
A Time to Stand Chapter 1
When the courier stopped by Dr. P. W. Rose's place at Stanfford's Point, Mrs. Rose read Travis' message aloud to the children, and 11-year-old Dilue burst into a flood of tears. She recalled the time Travis had stopped at their place and sent her a little comb afterward.

No time for weeping, she was told; she spent the rest of the day melting lead in a pot, dipping it up with a spoon, molding homemade bullets.


Peter Schiff Mortgage Bankers Speech Nov/13/06 For those people who said no one saw it coming, this presentation is a real eye opener. Let's see if we can get this clip to go viral.

Second American Revolution: Phil Vollman (This one is in honor our excellent pastor! Hi Pastor Bacon! Thank you for your strong sound preaching!)

"If we don't see a raising up of a black regiment in this hour, if we don't see a parson's revolution, well then I would say, America is going to enter in a long and dark period. For as the pastor's go, so goes the church, as the church goes so goes the nation."

The Life of Captain John Smith

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Sausage, Brats and Pepperoni

Bratwurst anyone?
The new sausage stuffer works really well.
We used premixes and casings from BassPro.

Maple flavored breakfast sausage. Twisting up the links.

Texas Hotlinks.
This recipe came from online research.
We halved the amount of Cheyenne.
Four Tbsp? Maybe if we'd been born and raised here.


Fresh out of the smoker

Friday, October 02, 2009

Mentorship - So that we will walk in truth

"Many might have failed beneath the bitterness of their trial had they not found a friend." ~C.H. Spurgeon
Mentorship is important because the reality we see and believe to be true really is often not reality in truth. Since we define "things" and make decisions and judgments based on our worldview or the reality in which we live, it becomes all the more important to make sure that our worldview or reality is based on truths. If it is based on assumptions or misinterpretation or ignorance we are deceived.

This is why the old phrase "iron sharpens iron" is so important. It is more than a statement about manly men rubbing their minds together.

The friction knocks the rust off. If we are rusty and mistakenly view the world as rusty and thereby ruined and hopeless, a little iron sharpening session could prove to refine us and our worldview rather than the world. When we're refined, it is then that we can affect the world from a position of truth; affect and reform what is really wrong with it.

Once the rust is knocked off...
Part of being an entrepreneur and becoming established in our home enterprise as Christians means we're willing to always be reforming how we'll do business so that it measures up with the teachings of scripture. It also means we'll be willing to be reformers of those people, places and things our business leads us to. We have to be willing to contend for the faith. There is wisdom in Jude 1:3 for this. When you are a Christian and an entrepreneur quite often you're networking and integrating in new areas and with new people. That ground breaking work means we're establishing ourselves and our business but also our faith. A solid business is sustained by a sound faith and worldview.

Matthew Henry has some thoughts on contending for the faith.
The design of the apostle in writing this epistle to the lately converted Jews and Gentiles; namely, to establish them in the Christian faith, and a practice and conversation truly consonant and conformable thereunto, and in an open and bold profession thereof, especially in times of notorious opposition, whether by artful seduction or violent and inhuman persecution. But then we must see to it very carefully that it be really the Christian faith that we believe, profess, propagate, and contend for; not the discriminating badges of this or the other party, not any thing of later date than the inspired writings of the holy evangelists and apostles.