Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tyranny Eve - Will You Be There?

The Mission:

Tomorrow, the day that the world celebrates as Christmas Eve, has been uniquely positioned to become “Tyranny Eve”. Liberal lawmakers have scheduled two monumental votes on bills which, if carried into law, will propel us deeper toward statist socialism than many of us ever believed possible. And this is just the beginning.

While most citizens across America will be enjoying cozy pajamas and crackling fires, we call upon “Sons of Liberty” to recognize this crucial moment –to eschew comfort and STAND! Not just against socialistic health care and unlimited government spending, but for our children and their freedom.

Several months ago, town hall meetings across America pulsed with the outrage of concerned citizens who said “enough is enough” with the government’s attempts to encroach on our freedom by taking greater control over the private sector. Now, on the eve of an historic vote on health care legislation in the Senate, that spirit has waned as the passage of this behemoth bill that will deprive us of liberties and bankrupt our children’s future is considered inevitable.

Now is not the time for apathy. Now is the time to stand.

Join concerned citizens across America tomorrow morning as we gather on the footsteps of the capitol building in Washington D.C. to stand for freedom and against tyranny.

Why are we gathering while others have gone “home for the holidays”? Because we believe that American patriots should not be lulled into easy peace while such a galactic blow to American Liberty is being dealt. The festive cheer of the season cannot mask the ugly reality that is being advanced on “Tyranny Eve” by legislators drunk, not with spiked eggnog, but with the sense of unchecked power that is run amok.

We are not gathering merely to protest these bills. We are gathering to oppose the idea that it is the governments place to solve our problems. We say with the founding father of America that it is not. The solution is in our homes, our businesses, and our churches across America. We affirm our constitution’s bill of rights which states “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

Join us as we peacefully stand together to defy tyranny and proclaim our allegiance to the God who our constitutional republic was founded upon.

Stand with us as we proclaim to lawmakers in Washington DC that statist power grabs are not the solution. They are the problem.

Who: We are a growing group of individuals that cannot remain silent. We have no association or affiliation other than a commitment to constitutional liberty.

When: Christmas Eve at 6:00am

Where: On the Front Steps of the US Capital (sign up for details and updates)

How: Bring your family, print signs, dress warmly, and stand for constitutional liberty.

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