Saturday, December 05, 2009

Ah...The Life Favorites - Get Them While You Can!

Christianity & Western Civilization
An excellent tool for next Year's home school curriculum. What is knowledge if we've not a dominion oriented vision? Give your children direction and courage to become the next great reformers.

Genuine Leather Military Ammo Belt
Your washing machine and dryer repairman will love you for it.

Walt Disney: A Christian Critique (Plus bonus CD!)
The independent Christian film industry is growing. We are continually surprised in our frequent travels that we oft find families with a genuine interest for producing quality films that the whole family can enjoy together. But who should they look to model their projects after? Some have never heard of the SAICFF, but they do see a need for excellent God glorifying film. This lecture set gives excellent insight into the vastly influential nature of film, as well as the victories and failure of an incredible & influential man. An excellent starting place for the next family film adventure.

The Princess Adelina
A treacherous and courageous story exampling mature biblical womanhood. Based on a true story, this princess tale is one of strength and honor and nothing like the Utopian fairy tale we often see coming out of Hollywood. An excellent read for those young ladies and women alike who wish to aspire true Christian maturity.

G. A. Henty Library
Excellent literature is hard to find. Look no further. The G. A. Henty collection means for Christian family life, inspiration for young men and women alike reinforcing the standards we wish to raise and cultivate in the midst of our perverse immature society. This collection allows you to give your family ideals they can identify with, aspire to, and live out.

An excellent talk calling us to rejoice in the oft humorous and unique Providences and provisions of God. For those with a vision that their children walk in truth and in victory, this excellent message reminds us and teaches us of the keen and discerning eye which is necessary to declare and rejoice in that the goodness of the Lord. A faith building message.

Family Kitchen Gardening
The best meal is one comprised completely of that which we've grown and harvested ourselves. From vegetable dishes seasoned with savory herbs to elk steak cooked to perfection, each plate is a rewarding family accomplishment.

Discipline : The Biblical Doctrine
For those with a vision for mature church life and creating a culture where their children can not only thrive but be dominion minded culture transformers.

Elsie Dinsmore Library
An excellent series providing hours of thought provoking social commentary. This series inspired us to many wonderful conversations about everything from application of the Ten Commandments to our lives to table etiquette and proper behavior in varying social spheres.

Soda-Pop Rockets
I don't know how many of these the kids made, but nearly all of them made a successful voyage. A wonderful and creative project!

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