Saturday, November 14, 2009

What Does "Visionary" Mean?

Dear Kelly,
I was wondering if you might know the answer to something I have been wondering about. A friend of mine recently referred to himself as a Visionary Christian. He seemed to be referring to a movement of some sorts. What is would your definition of a visionary Christian be? I ask you, because of some things I've read on your blog and facebook. I'm thinking you might have a better understanding of the concept.
Thanks in advance.

In short, it's not a movement. The definition is lengthy however. If you have ever heard anyone say, "I am not what I want to be, but I am thankful I am not what I was." that would be an example of a person that has vision in regards to their own life and sanctification.

Often a visionary is someone that can see something that is coming to fruition, and /or works to bring something to fruition, that others can't see, haven't the faith to see, or lack the experience to see. Hitler is an example. :) He had big plans for Germany didn't he. But for a Christian it is someone that has a vision for dominion for the glory of God and trusts the Word of God to help them accomplish it when it doesn't look like it should be possible. They understand that God will providentially aid them in the course of taking dominion.

Visionary people can have a big vision or a small vision or any size in between. Knowing the needs of the body of Christ the men in leadership may come together and start a movement if they sees an overarching lack of understanding or problem and that the sheep need to go in a certain direction. :) Or in single congregations perhaps. In 1 Cor. 11: 1-2 is an example of that. "I praise you brethren...for keeping the ordinances as were delivered." Followed by 1 Cor. 1:17 "But in this I praise you not...coming together with divisions among you..." He describes how they dishonor each other and the Lord's table and then paints of picture of how it ought to be, giving them direction and understanding.

Contrast Darwin's perspective of the Galapagos Islands with Doug Phillips' perspective of the Islands. Mr. Phillips is casting a 'right' vision for us and for generations that will come after. They will see a biblical perspective of God's creation and the error in the vision that Darwin cast so long ago of God's creation which has altered and affected so very much.

On a smaller scale, a mother of 5 children may see that predominantly her children all bicker and so initiates a course to remedy them of that sin. Or we can even have a vision for one person and so we cast hope and direction using the Word of God to inspire them to that end to which God would have them go. This requires that we have hope we can speak of and can give account of because we stand on the sure word of God.

Please start going through your bible and looking for things that speak of visionary perspectives. It is a study that is really important. Vision is one of the means the Lord uses by grace to move us to accomplish His ends. It can pull us out of a doctrinally heretical ditch. As Luther was the visionary that changed the course of events in his time. Or it can reform a family that was once scattered.

Hope that helps,

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