Sunday, November 22, 2009

Food For Thought Nov. 22, 2009

5 Rules for Pitching the Very Rich You might not be in the position to "pitch the very rich" but the men in your life may be. This will shed some light on what they're up against. It also contains some insight into mingling in unfamiliar circles.

Fatherhood, the dread of responsibility, and childbearing...

Starving artists? Not on Etsy. Etsy, the online crafts market, has hit the big time, with total sales of $133.1 million last month, according to our friends at Fast Company. (Those are merchant sales; Etsy, like eBay, makes money by taking a small percentage from each transaction.) How did the online auction company do it during a recession? "Etsy seems to have figured out that it only gets richer if the artists they highlight can actually earn a living." We picked founder Rob Kalin as one of the coolest entrepreneurs under 30 back in 2008. And earlier this year, we described how Etsy used its open API to entice a small army of developers to build apps for free.

Revolt Against Maturity R. J. Rushdoony
There are so many explanations of who man is, what motivates him, why he acts the way he does, with methods and testing for determining types of man in order to explain his psyche, his desires, his the end all this evolutionary and humanistic thinking has left us in reality thinking man is a puzzle. Unexplainable. R. J. Rushdoony takes us to the Word and gives a biblical picture of who God created. An excellent tool for building relationships.

Sarah Chang: Mendelssohn Violin Concerto Mvt.1 Part1

Biblical Womanhood - Voddie Baucham

Mr. Baucham delivers excellent lessons on modesty, reverence, love, purity, the priority of the home, the priority of children and the marriage relationship helping families get their bearings in a culture bent of destroying them.

Incredible Creatures that Defy Evolution I (DVD)
How does an exploding bug evolve? It exploded...or did it? "This little bug messes with all the assumptions of evolution" An incredible homeschooling tool in which Dr. Jobe Martin explains away assumptions he never knew existed in the course of his evolutionary studies. "It took me 5 years to totally change my thinking" Truly fascinating!

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