Wednesday, November 25, 2009

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"This remarkable account of world history has been suppressed by Liberal academics for 150 years. The reprinting and distribution of this series will be the frontal assault that could overturn the very foundation of secular humanism because it connects biblical and secular history in a way that proves the Bible's chronology is correct." — Dr. Gary North, Christian Historian / Economist
In the nineteenth century, higher critics added thousands of years to the history books to discredit the Bible and its authority. The Sacred and Profane History of the World Connected (Volumes 1-4) , back in print after 200 years, will be the frontal assault that could overturn the whole of secular humanism. It connects biblical and secular history in way that proves the Bible's chronology is correct. Now it is available for the modern world to rediscover. The craftsmanship of this series is second to none!

"Years ago I purchased this rare book from a widow in a small West Virginia town. Her late husband was a collector of old history books. Once I opened the book I couldn't put it down. Intricate maps of the ancient world unfolded before my eyes. Fascinating illustrations with the translation of ancient languages and charts with the ages of the Antediluvian Patriarchs were interspersed throughout the text. I've never seen Biblical and Secular history woven together in this way. I've always known that the Bible's history was true--but my faith in God's Word was strengthened like never before. We finally located the other three volumes and have brought them all back into print for future generations." — Ray Vallorani, Co-Founder of Tolle Lege Press (Publishers of the 1599 Geneva Bible)

Inside the first volume you will find intricate fold-out maps of the ancient world such as the location of the Garden of Eden and the settlements of Noah's descendants. You'll also find charts and graphs on the ages of the patriarchs, ancient languages, and more. The author dramatically weaves the historical accounts of the Bible and secular history together into one powerful narrative. Dr. Shuckford's research confirms the accuracy of the Bible—from the Creation and Fall of Man to the Dissolution of the Assyrian Empire at the death of Sardanapalus, and to the declension of the Kingdoms of Judah and Israel, under the reigns of Ahaz and Pekah.

Hardback with Leather Binding • 500 pages • Gold Foil Stamping • Gold-gilded pages • Includes Free Searchable CD-ROM!

Customer Testimonial
When I got this book on a hot spring day, I was just amazed at the quality... I looked at the front cover, with its gilded title, then to the side binding, and to my surprise, there were several sections that were embossed with a floral design. the pages are gilded, but the gilding went all around the pages. Just comes to show the quality of Tolle Lege Press...

I turned to the first map of where the Garden of Eden once was, and all the lakes and the rivers that flowed into the Garden were all there. And the second map, depicting where the descendants of Noah went after the flood. In the first volume their are three fold out maps, it was just so charming. A delight to just look at on the bookshelf. This is an extremely special book. — John S. (Hillsborough, NC)

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