Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tall Double Shot Latte Extra Gossip

"It may be that a truly disciplined person gets up and goes directly to work, but I've accepted that I'm not that kind of person. So after the kids go to school, I give myself an hour each morning to head down to the coffee shop and gossip I have always loved this part of the day. Once I spoke with an anthropologist who told me that while gossiping often has a negative connotation, most of us use it to simply connect with one another. I always loved this idea and so I cherish that hour, when I enjoy the small things that make the world a nice place to live- good coffee, a cozy place to sit, and listening to other peoples business."- Rebecca Barry, Author of: Later, At The Bar. Quote courtesy of Real Simple, November 2009 issue.
"How to find gratification and relaxation by making 'gossip time' part of your daily routine! An interesting twist on the subject? How about a godless, self-serving and frankly horrible view on the subject.

Here is what God's word has to say- and may He give us a taste for what is pure and good, not what is gratifying in the moment:

'The words of a whisperer are like delicious morsels, they go down into the inner parts of the body.' -Psalm 18:8

'Whoever covers an offense seeks love, but he who repeats a matter separates friends.' -Psalm 17:9"

~Kelly Bradrick, wife to Peter, home schooling mother of 3.

“Don’t be the Devil’s bellows any longer to blow up the fires of strife. Leave off setting people by the ears. If you do not cut off a bit of your tongues, at least season them with the salt of grace. Praise God more and blame neighbors less. Any goose can cackle; any fly can find out a sore place; any empty barrel can give forth sound; any brier can tear a man’s flesh. No flies will go down your throat if you keep your mouth shut and no evil speaking will come up. Think much, but say little; be quick at work and slow at talk; and above all, ask the great Lord to set a watch over your lips.” ~Charles Spurgeon

Gossip is the great destroyer of families, communities, and local churches. And the Bible has much to say about this form of verbal murder. Now, in this Scripture-saturated message, Scott Brown defines and diagnoses the problem of gossip, unveils the spiritual devastation it leaves behind, and explains the scriptural remedy and the blessings which accompany following God’s commands regarding the use of the tongue.

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Rebecca said...

Thank you for sharing that Charles Spurgeon quote. I am going to save it and maybe even print it to read again and again.