Friday, October 02, 2009

Mentorship - So that we will walk in truth

"Many might have failed beneath the bitterness of their trial had they not found a friend." ~C.H. Spurgeon
Mentorship is important because the reality we see and believe to be true really is often not reality in truth. Since we define "things" and make decisions and judgments based on our worldview or the reality in which we live, it becomes all the more important to make sure that our worldview or reality is based on truths. If it is based on assumptions or misinterpretation or ignorance we are deceived.

This is why the old phrase "iron sharpens iron" is so important. It is more than a statement about manly men rubbing their minds together.

The friction knocks the rust off. If we are rusty and mistakenly view the world as rusty and thereby ruined and hopeless, a little iron sharpening session could prove to refine us and our worldview rather than the world. When we're refined, it is then that we can affect the world from a position of truth; affect and reform what is really wrong with it.

Once the rust is knocked off...
Part of being an entrepreneur and becoming established in our home enterprise as Christians means we're willing to always be reforming how we'll do business so that it measures up with the teachings of scripture. It also means we'll be willing to be reformers of those people, places and things our business leads us to. We have to be willing to contend for the faith. There is wisdom in Jude 1:3 for this. When you are a Christian and an entrepreneur quite often you're networking and integrating in new areas and with new people. That ground breaking work means we're establishing ourselves and our business but also our faith. A solid business is sustained by a sound faith and worldview.

Matthew Henry has some thoughts on contending for the faith.
The design of the apostle in writing this epistle to the lately converted Jews and Gentiles; namely, to establish them in the Christian faith, and a practice and conversation truly consonant and conformable thereunto, and in an open and bold profession thereof, especially in times of notorious opposition, whether by artful seduction or violent and inhuman persecution. But then we must see to it very carefully that it be really the Christian faith that we believe, profess, propagate, and contend for; not the discriminating badges of this or the other party, not any thing of later date than the inspired writings of the holy evangelists and apostles.


Kaylene said...

Very true. Thanks for sharing.

Marks of Faith said...

I've been following your posts for several weeks now and have enjoyed what you have been sharing. The first post that really caught my attention was your interview of the Long ladies and their family. It was the final inspirational push (if you will) that has motivated my two sisters and I to began our own Entrepreneurial endeavor. We are currently creating a Blog showcasing items we've made in the past as presents, while continuing to make new items to sell. Thank you for sharing their story and the encouragement you offer through your blog.

Walking in the Shadow of the Almighty,