Saturday, October 17, 2009

Family Economics Conference 2010!!

Right now, profound social and cultural shifts are driving political and economic changes that will impact every family in America in the next several decades. Failing to understand the times and take necessary steps to address these changes may very well result in the destruction of your family.

We have an opportunity unparalleled in this nation's history. The faulty economic system we have inherited from our great grandparents is failing. The salvific promises of a Messianic State will come to nothing. But this is just the time to rebuild our family economies on Biblical principles. Equipped with a Biblical vision, families will not only survive during these difficult economic times, but thrive!

The Family Economics Conference is designed to equip families to address the practical economic issues that come up in everyday family life. In presenting a vision, we hope to provide intensely practical applications for building a Biblical family economy in the areas of:

Work Family entrepreneurship
Debt free living Contractual employment
InheritanceBeing a faithful employee
Taking care of aging parentsLiving without social security
Saving and investments Retirement
Family charityEducation and mentorship
TaxationHealth care decisions and insurance
TithingSeeking employment

Raising dominion-oriented daughters

You simply cannot afford to miss this conference!

We have drawn from the foremost authors and speakers who have themselves implemented what they write and speak on in their own household economies. How did they pay off their homes? How did they start their own family economies? How did they care for their elderly parents and homeschool their children at the same time? How did they raise dominion-oriented daughters? How did they mentor young men for a calling in life? How did they exempt themselves from social security while at the same time providing an inheritance for their children's children?

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The Whites said...

This looks awesome! And, its only 30 minutes from out house!!! I think we will be going. Thanks for posting this!