Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Visiting Our Short Friends

Andrea snuggling Charity Idelette Gunn

Becoming chaste, sober, a lover of children and able helper.

Charity's middle name Idelette honors John Calvin's wife and casts a vision of a godly wife.
"Although the death of my wife has been exceedingly painful to me yet I subdue my grieve as well as I can. Had not a powerful self control been promised and given me I could not have born up so long. I have be bereaved of my best companion of my life. Of one whom had it been so ordered would not only have been the willing sharer of my exile and poverty, but even of my death. During my life she was the faithful helper of my ministry." ~Penned by John Calvin about his wife, Idelette, a few days after her death.
Already diligent and purposeful, Molly sticks right by you and stays the course.

Aspiring to follow in his father's footsteps, Noah can't wait until he gets to work with his Dad, already figuring out and developing his computer skills.

A friend to her brothers and sisters, Mercy willingly shares her birthday joy and gifts.

Gracie is excellent with attention to detail and that makes her a great help to her mother & father.

Rain drops

A smokin' ATV...adventure is just around the corner!

Guess who loves the camera?

Knox checks in to see how we're doing, teaching his sister how to make a "match".

A snawol!

Getting ready for a sister's birthday, Gracie blesses her sister with her cooking skills.

Sprinkles too!

The cake is not complete until Dad arrives with his lighter. Let the party begin!

Knoxy is a cuddle bug.

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Anonymous said...

Ahh!!! The baby is so cute! Great pictures.