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Think, Think, Think... Oct. 4th 2009

When Queens Ride By
"Heavy? This ladder? I wish I didn't ever lift anything heavier than this. After hoistin' bushel baskets of tomatoes onto a wagon, this feels light to me."
Matthew Henry on Jude

Family Reformation: The Legacy of Sola Scriptura in Calvin's Geneva: Chapter 9 & 10
Feminists tell us that a wife under submission is a doormat and a clave. Calvin believed otherwise. He viewed a wife's submission as a wonderful grace and her finest contribution to her husband. For Calvin, a wife was a tool in the hand of the Lord to be a comfort and help to her husband as the "inseparable associate of his life"
[Calvin's] words are stern warnings for us who live in a time of severe threats to anyone who desires to preserve marriage. We are confronted with rampant virtual adultery through multiple media outlets and are surrounded by a Christian culture which is sensitive to those things which light the fires that burn marriages to the ground.
The Rot of Religion...the idolatry of Self-Love.
There is this difference between self-love and the love of God: self-love divides interests. Self stands by itself, and has a separated and divided interest, the interest of self, which is the interest of none else; and self-love, in seeking its own interest, seeks the interest of none else, neither that of Christ nor men. The love of God unites interests. He who loves God, the things of God and his own things are the same. He counts nothing his own things but those that are also the things of God; and when he is seeking God, he is then most seeking his own. God is his own, and he counts nothing his own but what is also the Lord's. When he seeks God, he therein seeks his own, and where he seeks his own he therein seeks God. His soul is his own, and the interest and prosperity of soul are the things of God.

The Five Points of Calvinism: Defined, Defended, Documented
You may say, "Telling them the Truth is the highest form of love." and I will agree. but, add, "Beloved, let us not love in word only, but in word and in deed," How you tell the truth and how you practice the truth make the difference. Deeds of real love accompanying vital evangelism are often woefully missing from Reformed students of the Bible. Kinder, gentler Calvinism driven buy demonstrative love seems to be a rare commodity. It ought not to be. Calvinism, above all other understandings of the Bible, rests on the only true foundation for preaching about the loving God who has sovereignly guaranteed the success of the Gospel.
A Divine Cordial By Thomas Watson
Discontent is an ungrateful sin, because we have more mercies than afflictions; and it is an irrational sin, because afflictions work for our good.
A Time to Stand Chapter 1
When the courier stopped by Dr. P. W. Rose's place at Stanfford's Point, Mrs. Rose read Travis' message aloud to the children, and 11-year-old Dilue burst into a flood of tears. She recalled the time Travis had stopped at their place and sent her a little comb afterward.

No time for weeping, she was told; she spent the rest of the day melting lead in a pot, dipping it up with a spoon, molding homemade bullets.


Peter Schiff Mortgage Bankers Speech Nov/13/06 For those people who said no one saw it coming, this presentation is a real eye opener. Let's see if we can get this clip to go viral.

Second American Revolution: Phil Vollman (This one is in honor our excellent pastor! Hi Pastor Bacon! Thank you for your strong sound preaching!)

"If we don't see a raising up of a black regiment in this hour, if we don't see a parson's revolution, well then I would say, America is going to enter in a long and dark period. For as the pastor's go, so goes the church, as the church goes so goes the nation."

The Life of Captain John Smith

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