Sunday, September 13, 2009

Some Recent Reading... Sept. 13, 2009

"You will be 5 years from now where you are today except for the books you read, the audios you listen to and the people you associate with."
We've heard this for years and we took the counsel seriously. Over 14 years ago it wasn't amazing to us that those within our association did little musing and much amusing. Now, we're hearing that within the home school realm the same plague is needing remedy. So, I thought I would start a weekly post of some of the edifying reading we've done during the week to give some easily acquired resources to those that understand the value in investing in themselves. Enjoy!

The Sovereignty of God

Why God named the race "adam"...

The very best church in America

Family Reformation

How Do You View Children?

The Road To Serfdom

Don't Protest the Presidents School Speech if...

The Battle That Saved Our Common Law (The Battle of Teutoburg Forest)

The Institutes of Biblical Law

A True Picture of Emigration

Marriage Killer #1: Unrealistic Expectations

Mary Adams Maverick: A Texas Pioneer

MacArthur on The Purpose Driven Life

The Providence and Perseverance of George Washington

Jamestown's Legacy of Christ, Liberty and Common Law

The Global Influence of John Calvin

The Life of Captain John Smith

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